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Dr. Phil Diet – the Psychology of Dieting

I have always considered constant TV watching to be one of the roads, leading to overweight. But with Dr. Phil, TV turned to be the source of good message for all, who suffer from excessive eating and its unpleasant consequences.

Dr. Phil McGraw has become a self-improvement guru due to his own TV talk show, promoting his dieting plan along with his Ultimate Weight Loss Solution.

According to Dr. Phil, the dieting itself in the meaning of just eating good and avoiding bad products, is like building sand castles on the beach - the next wave will unmercifully wash them off. But everybody knows that adding cement to sand gives concrete, which can be a serious obstacle even for the waves of tsunami. Dr. Phil supplied his diet plan with 7 keys, playing the role of cement, for ensuring stable results in weight loss. Here they are:

1. The right thinking. 2. The healing feelings. 3. Create a non-fail environment. 4. Master over food and impulse eating with your diet. 5. Eat high-response, high nutrition foods with your diet. 6. Intentional exercise with your diet. 7. Circle of support.

Actually, these 7 keys make me wonder what in fact Dr. Phil Diet is: a really new and progressive dieting program or slightly forgotten general principles of nutrition under the sauce of modern, popular and provocative psychological statements.

The keys themselves answers the question, because only one of them gives direct advice on dieting (#5), the other one (#6) reminds us about the tremendous benefits of exercising, and all the rest keys are obviously called to open some secret doors in human minds and free our internal potential to fight the obesity.

As a result, Dr Phil Diet is not only a list of allowed and forbidden products to eat. The eating regimen of Dr. Phil, according to the majority of nutrition experts, is not breaking new or revolutionary – it is just what any good fitness trainer or health provider would recommend. But it is Dr. Phil, who managed to inspire millions of his TV show fans to follow these common principles.

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Moreover, Dr. Phil diet is a guide on how to change the way of thinking in order to make dieting successful and pleasant. Positive thoughts and environment, as well as self-discipline are the key factors of diet success.

Surely, this diet does not bypass some food supplements and vitamin pills, helping dieters to burn the excessive fat and helping Dr. Phil to earn some extra bucks. Probably, this intention to earn extra bucks leads to law suite from three diet followers, who submitted a fraud claim into the Superior Court of Los Angeles against Dr. Phil and his diet. The unsatisfied dieters say that with Dr. Phil Diet the only thing they have effectively lost is their money but not weight.

Anyway, Dr. Phil Diet is worthy of reading at least, for its really good ideas about life-style issues. Combined with right dieting regimen, they will undoubtedly help people to reach their goal in weight loss.


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