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Emergency Contraception: a Murder or Not

Pregnancy is something that is supposed to bring happiness to a couple - a man and a woman. Children must be born and raised only with a deep feeling and understanding that they are desired and loved by their parents.

Pregnancy must not bring grief and sorrow. If a woman understands that there is no space for a baby in her life for the time being, she should not rely on the abortion only. She must do her best to shun this murder.

This is what the Emergency Contraception (EC) for. It helps avoid pregnancy in the extreme situation of an unprotected sex: when a woman does not intend to become pregnant; when she is forced to sex; when her health does not allow her to have a baby or when she is too young for that.

EC can help women with different health disorders enjoy a life full of love and sex with beloved men. Such people also have right for intimacy and happiness. It would be silly and cruel to force women, who cannot safely bear a baby, abstain from sex, wouldn't it?

At last, EC is an embodiment of the right of choice given to us by nature or God, if this word sounds better for you.

Some ardent humanists try to confirm everybody that taking emergency contraceptives is the same as taking abortion pills. What is all the hustle and bustle about? EC prevents from pregnancy but does not stop it. It works earlier than a baby begins to grow.

Actually, emergency contraceptives act in three directions: delay ovulation, interfere with fertilization and prevent zygote from implantation. The third point hurts the tender hearts of the philanthropists. They insist that a zygote (although it is not implanted yet) is a human being already, getting rid of which is equivalent to abortion or murder.

On the other hand, scientists state that a zygote is a kind of a unity of an egg and a spermatozoid, which undergoes no changes (does not grow) until it is attached to the uterus. It takes 7-10 days for the implantation to be done. Emergency contraceptives act in this period.

Moreover, some respectable men, as Joe DeCook, MD, a retired OB/GYN and vice president of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, deny that EC pills have any post-fertilization effect at all; so the drugs work in two ways only. If this is true, there is nothing to argue about at all!

One more surprising fact is that even if a woman tries hard to become pregnant, embryos fail to implant 40 to 60 percent of the time, being eliminated upon the next menstruation. Shall we call it a suicide?!!

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All the above said proves that no killing takes place when you use EC pills.

During the last years it was reported about a number of cases across the USA when a pharmacist refused to sell emergency contraceptives to a woman even with a prescription. This fact is absolutely terrifying! A specialist refuses to do his job because of his personal beliefs. He is sure EC is a sin but does not even suggest that trying to rule another personís life and suppress his or her rights is a much greater sin.

Isnít it this way: if I do anything wrong (without influencing other personsí lives), this is my sin only; I am going to be responsible for it in front of the face of God? No other human can be my judge.

Trying to execute Godís will is a good thing, but there is no order to interfere with your neighborís life there. I am convinced that he lives best, who does not spoil anybody elseís life.


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