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What Are the Options to Treat Eye Allergies?

Sure you have at least one friend who has allergy of eyes, or hay fever eyes (as it is commonly known). Eyes allergy is a very spread condition among the population (especially those who suffer from some kind of allergy in general).

Red, swollen eyes full of tears are very uncomfortable symptoms of eye allergy. Plus add these symptoms to people, who suffer from any other kind of allergy. Having those symptoms with eyes makes it very difficult for you to work, to walk or do any other activity that needs vision. And you desperately need to see normally again.

What are the options to treat eye allergy. First of all, it is important to understand that there is no method to get rid of the allergy. The treatment includes avoiding the allergen and controlling the symptoms (the complication of the symptoms).  

Avoiding your allergen is the easiest and the simplest way for you to “skip” your allergy. Ok, you like cats, but sure don’t like your itchy swollen eyes because of it – throw out your cat than (gently!). If your allergy has seasonal character – close yourself into the house with closed windows for the whole season and try not to air your rooms…  If serious, you need to know your allergen (different allergy tests may help you to identify it) and try to avoid it.

·  Clean your house more often in order to keep it free from dust and mold. To control the dust you probably will need to limit everything that keeps dust – some sort of furniture, too many draperies on curtains or too many carpets. Air your bathrooms – to keep the walls from mold growth.

·  Don’t have any pet in your house. Try to share love or cherish passion for domination in other ways.

· Stay indoors with air conditioner on in times when there is much pollen in the air.

· Dress in natural clothes and sleep on anti-allergen mattresses cover.

If eye allergy is your problem you need to have artificial tears drops in your purse or pocket any time with you. This will immediately help to ease the symptom and to find other medications. At home cold compress to eye may help. This is a good method to ease your allergy in situations when you don’t expect you allergy and have nothing to control the symptoms. My friend once came to his co-worker who has a cat - cold compress appeared to be the only available method to help him get to the closest pharmacy.

If you have little luck in avoiding the allergen – don’t loose hope, as almost no one can successfully do it. Medications are another method of controlling your eye allergy. Among them there are prescription medications and over-the-counter products. They may have one active ingredient or several. One active ingredient compound is better as they have fewer side effects.

Antihistamines – they ease symptoms of allergy mainly caused by airborne allergens. They bring immediate result and are very effective. Most of eye drops are used twice a day. Some of them may not be used in children under 12 years old. Some well known antihistamines include:

  • antazoline (Otrivine-Antistin),
  • emedastine (Emadine),
  • azelastine (Optilast),
  • epinastine (Relestat), and some others.

Decongestants – these proscribed medications help to avoid “red-eye” symptom by influencing the blood vessels of you eyes. Be very careful with this group, as your blood vessels may get dependent on medications. Do not exceed the dosage and the time of usage. Some well known decongestants include:

  • xylometazoline (Otrivine),
  • pseudoephedrine (usually decongestant combined with antihistamine)

Mast cell stabilizers – these medication ingredients help to control redness and shallowness of your eyes. It gives profound long-lasting result. Some of the known medications include:

  • cromolyn sodium (Opticrom, Crolom),
  • lodoxamide tromethamine (Alomide),
  • levocabastine hydrochloride (Livostin),
  • pemirolast potassium (Alamast) and some others.

Almost all are used twice daily (one drop of it). Be very careful using it.

NSAIDs – this group of prescription medications is mainly used in seasonal allergy (such as in spring, mid summer or fall). They help to control swelling, inflammation and some other symptoms of eye allergies. The result comes immediately after using it. Though as all NSAIDs they are associated with several side effects, such as inner eye pressure that may lead to other harm and damage. Do not use NSAIDs for long period of time. Among popular eye drops is ketorolac tromethamine (Acular). But it has several side effects, such as burning of eyes.

Corticosteroids – they can be used in rare cases (also proscribed). Newer medications have fewer side effects, but still are prescribed only if other drugs have not worked and for very short period of time. Among the most popular are:

  • loteprednol (Lotemax, Alrex),
  • rimexolone (Vexol),
  • prednisolone (AK-Pred)
  • fluorometholone (FML Forte, FML Liquifilm) and some others.

Immunotherapy – this is another method of treating eye allergy. This is something that may give good results, but you need to find a qualified clinic and doctor to try this. The aim of the therapy is to help your body to build up your immunity to your allergen by gradually increased shots of this allergen.

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Almost every medication is available in form of eye drop (or eyewash), but you can find several of them also in form of pill (though the result is the same, but more time is needed for relief). Eye drops are more effective, as the medicine is applied topically.

Do not combine different medications without your doctor’s consultation. It may be dangerous. In some cases combinations are used with your doctor’s guidance as an exception. Anyway, even over-the-counter medications better use after consultation of your doctor. And remember, avoiding part of the treatment is very important.

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