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Facts about Cold Sores

Cold Sore (fever blisters) is a disease, which nowadays tortures millions of people worldwide. Here are some facts that provide the most efficient information about it. Hopefully, you will find the answers to all your questions here.

Fact 1. What Cold Sores are caused by a herpes simplex virus (HSV) type1, which enters our body due to the close skin-to-skin contact with infected people. Once the virus is inside, it remains in our body forever. During the passive periods of its life it will stay latent in the central nervous system. Under the favorable circumstances it will travel to the skin (usually to the place, where it has entered the body) to provoke the active outbreak of the disease.

Fact 2. Where The results of the HSV1 activity can be observed on the lips, near the mouth, on the nose (10% of the cases), inside the mouth (gingivostomatitis) and in the throat (pharyngitis) after kissing or sharing personal staff (cups, toothbrushes) with infected people. HSV1 also may do its job on the genitals due to the oral sex with the infected persons.

Fact 3. When Most of the people get the virus in the childhood before the age of 7 (almost 50% of the infected Americans received it when kids) from friends and family members. Primary outbreak in children is usually asymptomatic (99% of cases).

Fact 4. How It all starts with tingling and reddening of the skin, then tiny blisters appear which later burst open, causing pain, itching and burning sensation. They will all heal in about three weeks leaving no scars.

Fact 5. Contagiousness This disease is extremely contagious. The most dangerous period is during an outbreak then the infection can be easily transmitted to the other people and to the other parts of the body if you touch or rub the blisters with your hands. Moreover, the virus can also be transmitted in between the outbreaks, so there is hardly a way to avoid the infection.

Fact 6. Antibodies Good news is that our organism tries to protect itself by producing natural antibodies to suppress the virus. They appear in 3-4 weeks after the infection penetrates the body.

Fact 7. Triggers of outbreaks There are some circumstances, which make the sleeping virus wake up and result in an outbreak. The main of them are the weakened immune system and the sun exposure. Emotional stress, physical fatigue, illness or menstruations in women enfeeble the immune system. It enables the virus do its wicked job without any obstacles. Heat and sweating will inevitably help it in ruining our usual way of life for several weeks.

Fact 8. Self-protection

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Everything, that makes our immune system stronger, helps us avoid or at least delay the next cold sores outbreak. Therefore, exercising, well-balanced food, even temper, good rest will be our companions in the battle against herpes. Hygiene, keeping the skin clean and dry, wearing loose clothes (in the case of herpes on the genitals), using less perfume, avoiding touching the sores these tips will also provide outbreaks-free life.

Fact 9. Medication There is no cure for herpes virus, but there are medications capable to shorten and ease cold sores symptoms. These medications are acyclovir (Zovirax), available in the form of oral pills and topical ointments, and valacyclovir caplets (Valtrex).

With such diseases as cold sores it is very easy to lose temper, though it is the worst thing that we can do. The most effective action is leaving no chance for the virus to wake up. Your will and lifestyle can do it.


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