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Hair Loss in Women - Know in Order To Avoid

The hair is the richest ornament of women. Martin Luther.

There is hardly a woman in the world, who would not agree with the above mentioned saying. Though the chances to see a woman with bold spots on the head are miniscule in comparison to the occurrence of bald men, this fact does not mean that women do not suffer from hair problems and namely the hair loss.

Here we should appreciate the female persistency and strength, because while the majority of men usually surrender from the battle field with hair loss, women use all the possible means and techniques to save the beauty of their hair.

Once Hubert de Givenchy said: "Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself”. Consequently, knowing the background of possible hair problems is the first step for predicting and preventing the hair loss.

About 95% of all hair loss cases refer to a disease, called androgenetic alopecia. It affects both men and women, but the number of men among the victims of alopecia is much greater than those of female sex. Moreover, while alopecia mostly causes complete pattern baldness in men, it works differently in women. Usually female alopecia causes gradual thinning of hair throughout the whole scalp, but the frontal hairline is maintained and it is very rare that the hair will completely fall out.

The major causes of alopecia in women can be derived from the name of the disease: adrogenetic alopecia. “Andro” means androgens or male sex hormones, which are present in female organism too and whose abnormal behavior during chemical reactions within the human organism is responsible for damaging the hair follicles. The word-ending "genetic" reminds us that the parents’ health does have a very strong impact on the health of their children.

It is considered that women may become more susceptible to the androgens under the certain circumstances, for example, after pregnancy, menopause or in response to discontinuation of birth-control pills’ usage. As the result, hair loss may be provoked by the above mentioned factors.

Doctors say that it is a woman herself, who first notices the hair loss. Statistically, hair loss starts when a person loses more than 100-125 hair a day. On the other hand, it is said that only after losing 50% of hairs, the condition becomes visible for other people. Thus, women themselves usually feel the beginning of the problem. That does not mean that they should collect all the hairs lost during a day and count them to define the alopecia, but they usually feel that their hair becomes not so thick and bulky as it used to be.

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If this happens, a woman is recommended to visit a physician or hair restoration specialist, who will define the cause of the hair loss and the possible treatment options. In many cases, the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women starts with minoxidil or Rogaine, a topical solution, which should be applied to the scalp skin to nourish the damaged hair follicles and recover their normal functioning.

Finally, I would like to say that women's health in general and the health of their hair depends greatly on the level of comfort of their living: balanced food, fitness, absence of stresses etc. Here I call upon all the men to contribute their own shares to the creating of such a healthy atmosphere for women. That will guarantee the benefit of enjoying the beauty of female body for many, many years.


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