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How We Get Trapped by Hair Loss Myths

Actually, we got trapped by any kind of myths very easily and itís not a top secret that each of us used to think Ďwrongí about something for some time. And this sort of Ďwrongí can be very damaging for us as knowing everything about something protects us from feeling silly when we talk about it. Whatís more, thus we protect ourselves from damaging our health.

Today hair loss is one of top problems for men all over the globe. About 50% of men of the world suffer from slight or severe baldness. The age of people got bald-headed also goes down and the age of those experiencing baldness averages to 30-40.

Pandemic of hair loss over the world is also very much peppered with popular myths that much look like truth, but really are either not-so-true facts or completely-not-true facts.

This article will try to more or less tell the hair loss myths from true facts and help people well handle this.

So, here we go with this hair loss myths thing! Hopefully this table will be very useful in better understanding baldness mythology!

Myths and Facts

1. Men suffer from baldness more often than women. Really, you can see more bald-headed men on the street, but women suffer from it too. The thing is that women baldness differs from men baldness that usually covers the top of the manís head and leaves a horse-shoe pattern of hair around the sides of his head.

2. Iím losing my hair because I overuse my every day shampoo. Using every day shampoo cannot itself contribute to hair loss. Whatís more Ė today hair care industry is much more developed than a couple decades ago and makes everything possible to prevent both hair loss and drying of hair.

3. I also use a special shampoo that I got from a drugstore and now will stop hair loss. All the medications against baldness, including special shampoos and other things, should be approved by FDA. And even if they are Ė you are not 100% guaranteed to prevent baldness. To be sure about such shampoos Ė consult your doctor.

4. What happens if I dry my hair pretty often, can it be one of the factors of hair loss? Drying makes your hair dry. Thatís all.

5. What about hair coloring? Hair coloring cannot influence your hair that much. Though you should probably avoid excessive hair coloring if you have problems with hair. Treatment above all, then all that cosmetic stuff.

6. Mother said I should less wear hat, otherwise Iíll be bald-headed in a couple of months. Your mother probably doesnít like your hat style. Your hair follicles can cope with wearing hats pretty good. But do not make it too tight, otherwise youíll get a restricted blood circulation around your follicles.

7. My hair is shedding all the time. Am I getting bald-headed?! Not necessarily. It is normal to lose about 50-100 hairs daily. But if you lose more Ė call a doctor immediately. Maybe the problem isnít that big and you are not going to get bald, but who knows?

8. Bald spots mark your getting old. Iím not a retiree, so still have time to enjoy my healthy hair. Baldness is getting younger than a century ago. Lots of things contribute to it, including stress and environment problems. So people start experiencing baldness earlier: generally in early 40s. To save your hair preventive measures should be taken today!

9. My fatherís hair is just fine, though he should have been bald-headed already. That means Iíll be as hairy when Iím 60! To be honest, recent researches results are not that optimistic about baldness gene inheriting. You can well carry it from your mom as well if she had someone who was bald-headed or could be bald-headed genetically. So, baldness can be inherited from both mom and dad, thus be careful with such statements!

10. Maybe to save it Ė I should cut it more often? It wonít do! Your hair will be growing at the same speed of about one inch per month and you are unlikely to change this by having it cut more often. Moreover, it will never stop hair loss; though will make it much easier to take care about it if you have it shorter.

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11. So shall I never get my hair cut then? Each of us has his/her own hair growth cycle and you can never change it by cutting/uncutting your hair. And we strongly doubt that it would help you resolve your baldness problem.

12. It could work if I stand on my head every day. This may sound silly, but some people still think standing on your head can help you prevent hair loss. Well, it really increases blood circulation in your body and head, but has nothing to do with hair follicles. So you are unlikely to have more hairs doing that.

I will add a couple of words here. If you are not sure about something, better visit a doctor instead of being trapped by popular hair myths. Maybe this could work?


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