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Health Consequences of High Triglycerides Levels

These days, scholars and doctors are blamed for ignoring the dangers high triglycerides levels pose to our health. Indeed, it is cholesterol we are usually concerned about, knowing at the same time next to nothing about the other type of lipids – triglycerides – existing in our bodies.

Perhaps, health-care professionals avoid explaining their patients about these components of our organism structure, because even scientists themselves have no single mutual point of view concerning them. They argue about what levels should be considered normal, too high, or too low, and in what case they must be treated.

Triglycerides are water-insoluble fat-like compounds consisting of glycerol molecule and three (different or the same) fatty acids attached to it. They say that 90% of fat stored in our body are in the form of triglycerides. Being a source of energy for the proper functioning of all the systems and serving as thermal insulation for all the vital organs, triglycerides are necessary for the human body.

However, excess is harmful in anything. Similarly, too high levels of triglycerides can significantly worsen the state of our health. Multiple trials have already been done to discover and evaluate the health risks of this condition. They report that high triglycerides can contribute to the development of such dangerous illnesses as coronary artery disease, heart attack, ischemic stroke, fatty liver, pancreatitis, and kidney disorders.

Furthermore, scientists believe that elevated rates of triglycerides are often accompanied with the increased levels of bad cholesterol, since the latter is produced with the help of triglycerides; therefore, it is natural to suggest that the more triglycerides are in the body, the more cholesterol is made. There are also suggestions that very low density lipoprotein (VLDL – a component, which helps carry triglycerides into the blood stream and to the cells of the body) may be increased in case of high triglycerides levels.

The results of the studies report that in many cases of elevated triglycerides good cholesterol is reduced, which is harmful for the body. Clogging of the arteries and high blood pressure are also common in people with high triglycerides ratio.

One more problem, which can result from the high levels of triglycerides, is obesity. The matter is that these lipids make our brain think that the body is starving, thus a person keeps on eating, gaining excessive weight.

These days the majority of the scientists agree that normal levels of triglycerides are those below 150mg/dL. However, if they are lower than 50mg/dL the body will not benefit either. These levels also indicate lipid disorder existing in the body.

Statistics say that estimated 100 million Americans have unhealthy triglycerides levels. Women are more predisposed to this disorder than men. Moreover, in women triglycerides continue to rise with age, while men over 50 observe the decrease in their levels.

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It is also said that triglycerides are usually higher in whites than in African Americans.

There are many reasons and causes of high triglycerides levels; however, scientists confirm that no matter what the reason is, the majority of patients can benefit from the change of the eating habits. It is not strange if we take into account that triglycerides are either made in our bodies or digested from food we eat. Thus, consuming lesser amounts of sucrose or fructose (found in sugar, animal products, sweets, and dairy) usually results in lowering of triglycerides levels.

Though for the time being we have less knowledge about triglycerides than we would like to, it is necessary to seek for the latest information and ask advice of the professional health-care providers concerning this issue in order to properly take care about our lipid levels and thus our health in general.


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