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Herpes Recurrences or What Makes Herpes Return?

We are living in the world, where everything (or almost everything) is subdued to the law of cyclic changes. Day and night, winter and summer change each other, and even a human soul is born again after the death (according to different religions).

The only problem is that reality consists of both good and evil events. Thus, not only Santa Clause returns every year to bring people Christmas tree and presents, but some diseases may also visit us repeatedly to spoil our life's comfort.

One of such “once is – never out” diseases is herpes. It is not a life-threatening condition, but it is really annoying and embarrassing to have it back periodically, especially when it returns in the most unsuitable moment (for example, when you are planning a romantic evening).

Unfortunately, we cannot kill herpes virus once and forever as well as we cannot change the fundamental laws of human living (at least at the present stage of human civilization development). On the other hand, fortunately, we can learn what may provoke herpes recurrences in order to avoid the risk or at least to postpone the evening with candles at the proper time.

So, among the factors that may potentially awaken the Herpes Beast are: - fatigue; - run-down; - compromised immune system due to other disease; - some genital infections; - pregnancy; - menstruation; - stress and emotional upset; - sunburn; - surgery; - dieting; - skin damages as the result of vigorous sexual intercourse - alcohol abuse

Any of the above said factors or any combination of them may potentially cause herpes recurrence. Though, scientists admit that since the virus behaves differently in different people, its triggers may vary significantly. That is why, it is recommended to keep a diary in order to define triggers in every particular case.

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Finally, a couple of facts about herpes that may be useful in coping with it: - during recurrences herpes blisters usually appear on the same body area, where the virus initially entered the organism; - average number of herpes recurrences is four per year, though it may vary from one recurrence per several years to several recurrences per month (“You never know with these bees,” as Winnie-the-Pooh once said); - herpes usually decreases in severity and frequency with every next recurrence.

Hopefully, medical and philosophic issues, covered in this article, will help the readers to understand herpes more deeply and to avoid situations and/or factors that may wake a sleeping beast up.


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