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Essential Dos and Doníts for Not to Get Herpes

There are so many contagious diseases around us that you can become really frightened while imagining how many viruses and bacteria you could be contaminated with. It is pointless to enumerate them all; it will take too much time. It is enough to mention one: herpes simplex virus Ė the virus that causes so widely spread disease as herpes.

There are no ways to cure herpes altogether but we can do a lot if not to prevent the disease then make our life easier when we do have it. First of all we must be well-informed, know the ways of its transmission and be able to differentiate tales and facts about it. They say ďThe devil is not so bad as he is paintedĒ.

To state briefly, herpes can be transmitted through any direct physical contact with the contaminated areas of a person. It can be a cold sore on a mouth or on lips or a lesion or blister on genitals. Thus when kissing, touching, caressing or having any kind of sexual contact with an infected person you will get infected yourself.

Though the virus is microscopically small it is quite intelligent. (It has proven its intelligence choosing a very clever way of transmission: sexual relationships of people). It is also rather mean since it can be transmitted with or without the presence of sores and other symptoms in the infected person.

Thus the majority of infected people have not a clue that they serve as a herpes carrier, because they either donít experience any vivid symptoms at all, or have them so mild expressed that it canít occur to them they have herpes. Some people who do know they have the disease can spread it between its actual outbreaks since they donít have symptoms any more. This is so called ďasymptomatic transmissionĒ. It means a contaminated person can be a virus shedder when he or she thinks the disease has passed.

So when you have herpes avoid any kind of close skin-to skin contact during active outbreaks and use latex or polyurethane condoms or other ways of protection to reduce a risk for you partner to get it. Remember that lesions can be deep inside the vagina where they cannot be seen but remain an active source of contamination.

In some cases a person can spread the virus to other parts of her or his own body. It can happen when he or she touches an active sore and then rubs or scratches his/her finger into this place. Though it is probable mainly during primary outbreaks, it is highly advisable not to touch the sores or wash the hands immediately after it happened.

Many researchers consider that it is impossible to be infected through the soap, wet towels, clothing, toilet seats, bed sheets or other inanimate objects, since the virus is very fragile and can not live outside the body for long; nevertheless always remember to follow simple rules of personal hygiene. It is much safer to have own bar of soap or own towel.

A woman can infect her baby during pregnancy or child-birth especially when a woman with the history of herpes has an active outbreak at the time of the delivery. Therefore such a woman must take all the precautions and honestly tell her doctor about her disease to avoid any complications for her infant. In some cases cesarean section should be done.

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A baby can also get mouth herpes when someone with a cold sore kisses it. Thatís why stay away from small children if you are infected with oral herpes, their immune system is not strong enough to produce many antibodies and fight against the disease. There are indeed a lot of annoying sides in being infected with herpes. You should feel lucky when you donít have to ask yourself ďWhy do I have herpes?Ē. But donít feel too unhappy and pessimistic if the virus has chosen you. With a little patience and much care you will get used to it. It is the disease that a person can have for many years and yet donít feel too uncomfortable.


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