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How Propecia Treats Baldness

In spite of all possible denials, which treat baldness as a mark of high intellect or wisdom, I would dare say that baldness have never been a trump card in a pack of male charm tools. From the ancient times men fight with this symbol of aging, using all their strength and skills. Happily, men are very inventive and persistent in reaching their goals. They tried plenty of different remedies to stop hair loss and to save the vegetation on their heads.

Nowadays men are close to their aim as never before. Taking baldness as their true enemy, men used the real military tactics to win the struggle.

Being on war, one should use principles of war. At first one should deeply study and understand the enemy in order to find his weakest points and later to strike his rare areas.

Below I will try to reveal a panorama of battlefield between men and baldness.

So, male pattern baldness, which is the full name of enemy, is the condition when a man significantly looses his hair on the top of his head and its front middle area. As the result these areas look like military bridgehead where not even a blade of grass grows.

Scientists, especially those of male sex, did their best to understand the enemy. They proved that baldness has two basic reasons: genetic predisposition and changes in hormonal system. First one means that baldness may come from our parents via genes. Taking into account the fact that we cannot change our parents or modify our gene structure at present time, fighting with baldness on this flank is like fighting with wind-mills.

Meantime hormonal system is rather familiar to people now and the present state of our science and technology allows leading the struggle with enemy from this position. Dihydrotestosterone molecules or DHTs are those enemy soldiers, which destroy the hair follicles on menís scalp, leading to male pattern baldness. DHT is formed in human organism from testosterone under the influence of enzyme 5 alpha reductase. And here is the place for men to make a decisive strike.

But to win the war, especially in modern conditions, one should find the ally. Men found such reliable and powerful ally, named Propecia, in war against baldness.

Propecia or finasteride helps stop hair loss in men and even recover the hair growth. It works by inhibiting or slowing down the formation of dihydrotestosterone molecules. As the result the level of DHT decreases in human body. If there is no DHT, there is no agent to destroy the hair follicles (indentations in scalp skin, from which the hair grow).

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Representing the state-of-the-art generation of weapon, Propecia effects only those hormones (DHT) and only in those places (skin on the top of the head), where it is necessary, without making any harm to other human organs and systems.

Thus, Propecia ensures the victory of men in struggle against baldness. But this fighting is not over: only in the USA more than 35 million of men suffer from the male pattern baldness and 95% of all these cases are explained by harmful influence of DHT.

Happily now all the men can use Propecia as the really effective weapon against baldness. So, donít give up, take Propecia.


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