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What Is Genital Herpes and How To Live With It?

Certainly, no one wants to have any kind of disease. Even the easiest, the less serious one causes nothing but problems and discomfort. And how about viruses which can't be cured completely and will stay in your organism forever? I'm sure you won't thank God for such a gift (however -- no blasphemousness)! Unfortunatelly, such viruses do exist and one of their representatives is herpes.

There are two types of Herpes: the 1st type is a so-called "cold", which usually appears on lips, around and in the mouth or anywhere on the face. Herpes of the 2nd type usually affects skin below the waist...mostly genitals. This type is called genital herpes and, of course, it's more serious and problematic than herpes of the 1st type.

You should know that sometimes virus of the 1st type may cause that of the 2nd one and vice versa. But any herpes is a virus, it can't be cured completely so it aggravates from once per month till once per 2 years (it depends).

Now let's talk about genital herpes as it has become rather "popular" these days (actually as well as herpes of the 1st type). This virus is transmitted (you've probably already guessed) through the sexual act. The problem is that very often herpes doesn't have any displays and a person may not know that he/she is infected.

You can make sex with an infected person not knowing about that! But soon, in 2-14 days, the virus will show itself. In this case, don't forget to thank your partner for his/her gift (it may be a surprise for both of you!)!

The first attack of herpes is usually the hardest one and the worst reacted to; all the followings are not so painful. So the temperature rises, headache torments and little blisters appear around and on (and in) the genitals. These blisters ache and itch. In some days they burst and leave less painful ulcers at their places, which heal up in about a week.

At the beginning of all this you should immediately visit a doctor. He/she will examine you, determine a type of the virus and prescribe some medicine which will relieve and decrease the number of the following attacks.

Certainly, during each herpes's attack it's not recommended to make sex of any kind, but during all other time you are welcome! If you often change partners, you better use condoms (male/female) or spermicides. Who knows, maybe your partner has herpes (or something even more serious) but just doesn't know about that yet! Anyway, contraception won't be unnecessary.

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If you have been infected already for a long time and now you are pregnant -- don't worry, hardly anything will happen to your baby. It's most likely you'll be made Cesarean section when the time of labor comes and your baby won't be infected. But if you become infected 4-6 weeks before labor it may cause serious problems for your baby, right up to its death! Though it happens in very rare cases, you should avoid any contacts with infected people while being pregnant.

And remember: life is not ended even for those who have genital herpes! There are a lot of such people all over the world, so you are not alone. Better think about people who have much more serious diseases.....HIV, for example. They wish they had herpes instead! Besides, is it so difficult not to make sex for 8-10 days per year (or even per 2 years)? Because all other time you lead a usual way of living, as all other people. So, cheer up! Life is continuing!


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