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How to Prevent Pregnancy and Reduce Menstruation Frequency

Once Whoopi Goldberg said, "Whenever women are together for more than two days they talk about their periods.” Well, obviously, Whoopi is right, because two days are more than enough for women to discuss all the current family issues, share the experience of following a new diet and define the further trends in fashion development. At the same time, such a specifically female issue as periods or menstruation remains always relevant, arising every 28 days and signalling about the effectiveness of the chosen birth control method.

However, when a woman chooses Seasonique or Seasonale contraceptive pills, she has to be more creative in finding the topics to discuss with her friends, because these medications not only prevent pregnancy, but also reduce the frequency of periods - from once a month to once a quarter.

In comparison to the common contraceptive pills, which should be taken for 28 days with the following 7 days period of placebo pills to allow menstruation occur, the approval of Seasonale in 2003 opened a new era in female hormonal contraception.

Seasonale is called an extended-regimen contraceptive, because it allows reducing the number of periods from 12 per year to only 4. This is achieved by the special regimen of taking the pills: Seasonale active pills should be taken daily for 84 days, and only then a woman is offered to take placebo pills for 7 days period, during which menstruation takes place. Thus, instead of experiencing periods every month, a woman has menstruation once per 3 months.

Chemically, Seasonale, as well as Seasonique, does not differ much from ordinary birth control pills. The active ingredients are ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) and levonorgestrel (progestin) hormones, which prevent ovulation, thus making female egg fertilization with male sperm impossible.

The next page of the extended-regimen contraceptives history was written in 2006 with the appearance of the new pill, called Seasonique. Similar to Seasonale, the new pill has the same chemical composition of an active pill, ensuring effective pregnancy protection and offering women forget about their periods for 3 months. However, there is one peculiarity about Seasonique, which makes it different from all the other contraceptives, including its predecessor Seasonale.

The point is, that instead of placebo pills, which go after the period of active pregnancy protection (28 days with common birth control pills or 84 days - with extended-regimen pills), Seasonique offers pills, containing very low dose of estrogen hormone.

In fact, this is the example of realization of the known principle: “I want it all and I want it now”. In our case it means that reducing the number of periods to only 4 per year is not the pinnacle of women's desires. Pharmacists developed Seasonique in order to make those 4 periods of menstruation even less noticeable for women. It is said that the continued supply of female organism with the low dose of hormone provides less pain and bleeding during the menstruation.

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Finally, it is important to note that any birth control pill is not only the way to plan pregnancy, but it is also a source of serious health risks, which should be carefully evaluated. Blood clots, stroke and heart attack are named as the serious life-threatening conditions, which can be caused by improper use of hormonal contraception.

Besides, one should keep in mind that using such revolutionary pills as Seasonale and Seasonique may be accompanied with the breakthrough bleeding or spotting within the period of taking the active pills, especially during the first months of therapy. Whatever you may say, but female nature is very strong, and it requires some time to tune it in 4 menstruations instead of 12 per year.


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