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A Letter to My Grandpa, Re: Your Poor Hair

From: Me

To: My Dearest Grandpa

Hello my dearest grandpa!

Iím sending you the jar of red pills now. Youíll see the word Propecia on it.

What you have to do first is to keep the jar off your grandkids and my pregnant sister Jane who is spending summer at your place. So, take the jar and make sure no one else in the house uses the red pills.

Take Propecia every day, in the morning. Your dose is quite low due to your old liver disease (weíll discuss that problem in the next letter). Keep taking Propecia for about 3 months (and of course Iíll send you more jars). Keep me updated on the progress you have and possible liver side effects (I know, I know, you donít like grumbling about your health to your granddaughter, but why the heck my father spent so much money on me in medical college then?).

So, you got that you should use the drug once a day, everyday, taking each dose with a full glass of water. You can do that with or without the grandmaís famous breakfast. If you missed the dose (this disease will also be discussed later;-)), take it as soon as you remember. But, please donít take a double dose, donít overplay with that. Oh, and donít muddle Propecia with tens of vitamins that you take every day, but if you do and overdose is suspected, ask grandma to call me, okay?

Donít worry, taking Propecia means that you still can drink scotch, eat lobsters and play tennis.

I suppose that you might probably experience some difficulties while makingÖ err... being in bed, you know, with grandma. I think I should apologize for that in advance. Grandma! Iím really sorry that you could miss some fabulous moments of cohabitation with grandpa these months. But I also promise that the result would be incredible. Decreased libido is one of Propeciaís side effects. But donít worry much, everythingís gonna be fine in the end.

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I think nothing special will happen with you within the first 3 months of taking Propecia. Be patient about it, okay? It wonít take too long to see the result. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you that Propecia is a very good thing for your hair. Iím sure youíll make friends with this medicine. Propecia will help your body to oppose the shaping of one little bad thing inside of you, it is calledÖ errÖ it doesnít matter anyway as the word is too long to keep it in mind. So Propecia will eventually stop your hair loss.

Iím 100% sure that your neighbors will be so jealous about your look in some 6 months that would kill to get Propecia. Wanna tell them your secret? ;-)

Kisses and Hugs,


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