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Levitra: Fast and Effective

The scope of this article is Levitra – one of the most progressive treatment options for erectile dysfunction (ED). Since this is a purely men’s issue, I would like to ask a question first, addressed exclusively to men. Can you remember your first sex experience? What was it characterized with? I guess, many of you would agree that its main feature was a short prelude (about 10 minutes for kissing and hugging) and then – straight to the main process.

Taking Levitra you will have approximately the same time before an erection appears. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to stay in bedroom (close to bed) or at least to have a soft carpet at hand. These are not just words that Levitra starts working as fast as 10 minutes. Multiple studies confirmed the fact with a great number of men; the rest of them have a desirable result in about 25 minutes.

One of the studies, called ONTIME, included 724 participants with ED from 8 countries in Europe and North America. It was designed as a four-week’s unmedicated run-in period followed by four weeks of Levitra treatment (10mg or 20mg). The pills were taken on demand. The first four doses determined the earliest time of onset of the erection adequate for a successful intercourse, which turned out to be 10-11 minutes.

The MALES study (Men’s Attitude to Life Events and Sexuality) proved that the fast efficacy is of great importance for a vast majority of men. The sociologists interviewed 2912 men aged from 20 to 75 in 8 countries and discovered that men value the possibility to have an erection as fast as possible irrespective of age, while its duration is less important, especially for older men.

Bayer and GSK (Levitra manufacturers) were also pleased with the other studies results, announced at the meeting supported by World Health Organization. One of them reported the improvement of erectile function throughout two years. 479 participants took part in the study. 9 in 10 men confirmed improved erections throughout the study period (92% of men taking Levitra 20 mg and 90% of men taking Levitra 10 mg). This means that men can take this pill for a long time and it will be equally effective during the first month as well as in several years.

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Another study lasted for 12 weeks and involved 1385 patients. 75% of them reported successful penetration on their first attempt at intercourse after taking Levitra. Those were quite promising results!

It is worthy to note that persons with diabetes and those after radical prostatectomy surgery can also be treated with Levitra without any harmful effect to their health (according to the official trials in several countries among people of different ethnics and age).

Therefore, all the above mentioned studies confirm once again that Levitra really works and works fast. Patients must only remember that it is forbidden to take it with nitrates, grapefruit juice and excessive amount of alcohol. Be also aware of the main side effects: headache, flushing, rhinitis and dyspepsia. If you follow doctor’s advice and do not overdose they will not be harmful and pass with the lapse of time.


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