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Look Before you Leap Into a New Diet!

Few things can vary between one individual and another as diet. You may hear of a new regimen of eating that has worked wonders for one or more people, only to discover some months later, that they are back to their old clothes sizes! Your own health and wellness could be seriously jeopardized if you take to a diet without your doctor’s counsel and prior knowledge.

Diets can seldom make a difference without an accompanying and appropriate exercise regimen and this physical aspect only heightens the individual and custom nature of a diet.

There are some significant things you can do on your own to start shedding extra body mass. These steps take about a month at a trot to show visible results, so you need to be patient. Their benefits go away much faster than they come if you revert to old ingestion habits, so you must persist with any changes you initiate.

Do keep in mind that fluctuating fat content is dangerously taxing for your heart and kidneys! There can be no compromise on losing weight gradually until you hit a target range, and then holding it steady within a couple of pounds.

Your endocrine system has at least as much influence on your weight as your eating habits. The set of ductless glands you have distributed from the base of your brain, down to your reproductive organs, secrete small amounts of potent chemicals called hormones that dramatically alter your body’s ability to use the energy value of your food and drink.

A diet may do no good and has the potential for harm as well, if a doctor does not assess your endocrine system and its effects on your blood, organs and vital parameters. Please never start a diet without medical supervision.

There are quite a few things you can start on your own even before you get your doctor’s appointment. The following steps can never harm and you will be delighted with the effects if you stick with it for at least 30 days at a stretch:

• Cut out sugar altogether and substitute it, if you are over 18, with aspartame, sucralose or stevia, that every pharmacy and drugstore has on shelves. Remember that some fruits other than melons and apples may have large sugar content.

• Cut out deep fried food and become a grill, bake and BBQ freak. Cholesterol is an addictive taste and you can live longer by banishing it forever from your life. Fast food, packaged snacks and most buffet tables are most leaden with the greasy stuff!

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• Learn about herbs and spices and experiment with them at the cost of salt. Never add any at the table, and sip water often as you cut back on the ubiquitous but deadly white powder. Think of all the lean animals you know and accept that salt in diet is unnatural. You cannot undo ingrained tastes altogether unless you are a monk, but everyone can make modest cut-backs on salt with decided benefit.

• Partake of dairy products sparingly and increase your bread, pasta and raw or boiled vegetable intake. Experiment with Soya, vegetable oil and gluten to help cut back on milk, meat and animal fat.

It bears repetition in conclusion that diets must follow medical tests, but there are some common-sense changes that you can make with salutary effect provide that you commit to them on one-way basis!

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