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Before reading about mental disorders had you asked yourself: and what broadly speaking is a mental order? Is any definition for it?

All the time mental (as any other) disorder was considered as a deviation from the norm. If your body lacks one arm – it’s disorder because most of humans normally have two arms. Everybody (inclusive with you) can clearly see it and say with confidence: the arm is absent. But what is the norm for mind and how to recognize its abnormality?

We used to understand a term “mental disorder” as an illness of the mind. How to find the location of the mind to heal it? If mind is an intellect then the destination for cure must be probably brain. But if it is soul – then what is the target for medication: brain, heart or may be heels?

Traditional medicine mostly prefers to treat brain to exterminate some mental disorder. And although brain as a nucleus of nervous system coordinates all the processes in the body psychologists gave the name “mental disorder” only to illnesses with behavioral and emotional symptoms. Gastric ulcer is a “disease of nerves” (often a result of strong nervous exertion) while nobody places it among mental sicknesses.

General division to neuroses and psychoses doesn’t include all ailments so traditional more detailed arrangement numbers eight primary types: 1. Anxiety disorders 2. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 3. Autism 4. Bipolar disorder 5. Borderline personality disorder 6. Depressive disorders 7. Eating disorders 8. Schizophrenia After getting acquainted with description of symptoms of all these infirmities I’ve diagnosed at least three of them for my own mind. I doubt that it’s possible to find in our society a mentally healthy human according to it.

Our behavior we consider as normal psychologists regard as alarm symptoms of perilous mental disease. Isn’t it normally when person wants to go away from the place where he/she feels uncomfortably? Yes, it is – you’ll answer. But this also could be called “panic disorder” and its owner could find his body closed to asylum. Or somebody has unusual changes in mood and energy, doesn’t want to eat, follows the spiritual impulses and feels like a creature able to fly. This somebody recognize that it’s love in the soul. But psychologist probably would say: no, all of these are exact symptoms of bipolar disorder, anorexia nervosa, borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia!

As a therapy for most of mentioned infirmities are used drugs which depress function of nervous system and cause other irreversible physiological changes.

And often only in the deadlock after wasting and ineffective medical treatment people recall their knowledge about soul and its characteristics. They recollect suddenly granny’s words about teaching of Christian church which says that neuroses and psychoses are nothing else but consequences of our outrages. All corporeal and psychic ailments are considered as a burden of not repented sins. And the only cure for mental diseases is sincere confession and communion.

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After all the way of renewal of mental health is a personal choice for everyone. Fortunately today we have a lot of methods for repairing brains: drug stimulation, chemical inhibition or even cutting of braked brain section. But only one miserable neurosurgeon’s false step could make you disabled for the rest of your life. Less dangerous method is to look into your own soul and try to find the causes of your psychic changes inside of it. Whatever you choose just don’t succumb to panic, all we are crazy. But not all of us are in the same degree :)


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