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How I Was Fired Regularly

When I graduated from the University, getting a job didn't seem to be a problem to me - I had everything to get a good position. Everything, except experience.

After 6 months of useless interviewing my self-confidence disappeared and my demands became more modest. Finally, a few months later I came across a very good proposal. The vacancy was just exactly I wanted, the salary didn't give in to my demands either; and moreover, all the workers were people of my age. What else did I need? But there is always one "but".

As I was told, the boss of the company was very difficult to deal with and suffered from depression. "Who cares about his depression? It's his and his family problem!" I thought and relaxed dreaming about how I would work here. Then they told me that all candidates' resumes would be looked through and they would call me. I began waiting...

A week later some manager from this company called me and invited me to have a talk with the director. I was really happy, so I told all my friends and relatives that I got a perfect job! However, when I came to the interview they told me that the director felt bad and the meeting had to be put off till the next day. I was a little bit angry, but I had to agree. The next day the situation repeated, as well as the following three days. I thought I would have depression myself! Then I began understanding that his depression would trouble me a lot.

Finally, in a week I had a desirable meeting with the director. Well, I must admit he was a very nervous man and our talk was rather depressed. I tried not to look into his eyes and was afraid he would lose his temper in a moment! However, he pleasantly surprised me at the end of the meeting, "We accept you," and we shook hands.

So, I started working there. I fell in love with this work from the very first day; I got many friends at once and a nice working place. I was doing my favorite things and forgot about the nervous man with his depression at all. Now the thought "Who cares about his depression!" seemed to be so right to me.

One clear day our "beloved" boss called me into his office to talk. Hardly had I sat down on the chair he began blaming me for the things I didn't do. Certainly, such remarks threw me into confusion, but I tried to defend myself. My position awoke a beast in him! He started walking here and there, gesticulating, his face became red... I couldn't understand what was happening until "You're fired!" crossed my ears. I came to my senses at home.

Life seemed to be over, and I still didn't understand how it happened. Two days passed like in a dim when in the morning my telephone rang and a familiar manager's voice invited me to the office. After a long talk and chief manager's excuses for boss behaviour I was accepted back. I was shocked, but I agreed.

My working life began again... and lasted for about 7 months. One clear day the nervous man called me into his office to talk... Maybe it sounds funny, but he fired me for the second time. I was in panic! This was the last time for sure! But why me? Hardly had I understood I had no job when my telephone rang... 

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You won't believe but now I'm sitting and writing this story being fired for the third time! And I'm absolutely calm, because I'm sure that either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will take me back again. Why don't I quit? I love this job and I'm paid for it well enough to bear my depressed boss. Besides, I've got used to being fired :) 

I just want to say: be interested in your director's health while applying to some firm. Be careful if he suffers from depression!

Jack, 25

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