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How to Overcome Depression Without Medicine?

Some depressed people don't want (for different reasons) to ask their doctors for help, they know that there exist a lot of ways to overcome depression by themselves and believe in them because..... It is cheaper, easier and you don't need to go to the clinics....on the whole, it's more convenient! Well, maybe it is. However, most specialists don't agree with such solution of the problem, don't believe that such stupid methods can work and therefore don't advise any depressed person "talk herself/himself out of depression".

That's what one of them says: "We mope around, listen to sad music and feel sorry for ourselves. These moods go away within a couple of days, and we can enjoy life again. Clinical depression is much more than that, and is comparable to a down mood as much as a sneeze is comparable to pneumonia. It is an illness that affects appetite, sleep patterns, powers of concentration, and even slows down movement and speech. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of depression, make an appointment to see a doctor. Don't believe the myth that we can "handle" depression on our own."

Still there are many methods to fight depression without any doctors and I'm going to introduce them to you. So, what should or shouldn't you do to overcome this illness?

First of all you MUST do something but not just sit and wait until depression goes away! Get involved, an active life leaves very little room for depression. Allow some time for relaxation, have fun, relax your mind and body.

When negative thoughts start circling, shift your focus to a pleasant element. Balance your diet and take care of your fitness (no, I don't care about your body!). Perhaps it sounds strangely but your feeding has some influence on your mood. Besides, the fitter you are, the more self-esteem you'll experience and this will eventually lead to happiness!

One of the most important remedies is communication. No matter how difficult it might seem to get out of the house and smile in the company of others, this is probably the most effective way of getting over depression.

Try not to stay alone at home when all sad thoughts are climbing into your head and there's nobody to stop them (watching TV won't save you either). Go outside, a nice spring day can cheer up even the saddest person. Visit your friends, relatives and talk to them only about pleasant, interesting things -- they say it works.

Also, research shows that keeping a family pet, one that you can cuddle and talk to, can have a positive effect on depressed people. A cat or dog can help to smooth away negative emotions that keep him or her in the doldrums.

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You can set aside some playtime, if youíre feeling disappointed, angry, or hurt, exercising can help you feel better. Enjoy a cuddle -- cuddling a pet can lower blood pressure and stimulate immune function that helps your body and mood feel better. Finally, you can share any secret or describe any emotions you want to without fear of your petís breaching the confidence (just make sure no one else is in hearing distance!).

On the whole, the way of treating depression depends on its stage. I mean, light depression can be cured with the help of listed above methods. But deep depression should be treated more seriously and hardly without doctor's interference. However, the fact that so many of non-medical ways of fighting do exist also means something. If you believe they work -- they do work!


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