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Oral Contraceptives: Advantages & Disadvantages.

Each normal woman or man (especially man) like to have sexual relationships and the more the better. We all know that the result of such relationships may be, for example, undesirable pregnancy. It causes a lot of problems, the first of which is: what to do with the baby? Certainly, it is possible to avoid such an unpleasant situation if you think carefully about everything beforehand.

If you are grown-up enough to make sex you are grown-up enough to know everything about it and first of all about contraceptives. They will prevent you from various problems connecting with sex (did you think there aren't any?). The most common and reliable are condoms. However, it has a great minus for men as it reduces sensitivity of their penis. That's why many men don't respect this way of contraception. Then comes the woman's turn.

The development of the first oral contraceptives took place in Grmany in 1950's. Nowadays it's a widespread way of contraception, especially among young women. If you've chosen exactly this contraceptive you, perhaps, already know the following:

Not every woman may use oral contraceptives. If you suffer from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, asthma, jaundice, heart disease, semility,...or if you smoke, wear contact lenses you shouldn't or even mustn't use oral contraceptives. Anyway, this desicion won't be taken by you, but by the doctor. He will also determine what kind of tablets exactly you may accept, so no self-motivation!

The most recommended among them are: Brevinor, Gynera, Loestrin, Marvelon, Minulet, Ortho Novum 1/35, Ovysmen, Synphase and Trinovum. Contraceptives of the second choice are: Anteovin, Logynon/ED/Triquilar, Lyndiol, Minovlar 21, Non-Ovlon,Norimin, Norinyl-1, Ortho Novin, Ortho Novum 1/50, Trinordiol and Yerminol. Others are less appropriate or used in special cases.

Like most of the remedies oral contraceptives have their own side effects and each woman must be ready to meet them. Perhaps, it sounds like paradox but most of these side effects show themselves as the symptoms of pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, headache, depression, high blood pressure, skin pigmentation, sometimes missing of menstruation. So having something like this don't hurry to throw away "these useless tablets" and to gather money for the abortion. However, you shouldn't relax either and visit a doctor.

In fact, all the women using oral contraceptives (as well as not oral) are recommended to have a medical examination at least twice per year. The thing is that oral contraception may cause more serious illnesses than depression (though it happens in very rare cases). For example: mammary cancer or cervix cancer, and, by the way, oral contraceptives don't protect from HIV at all (maybe they were created for married couples who are not unfaithful to each other!)! That's why a medical examination won't be useless, just to make sure that everything is OK with you.

Oral contraceptives have also many advantages, otherwise they wouldn't be so popular. The main advantage is that they do protect from undesirable pregnancy. It seems like enough for the contraceptives, but that's not the end. They also provide regular menstruation, protection from ovary cancer or ovary cyst, prevent from ectopic pregnancy, inflammation of pelvic organs and some other serious problems. Moreover, tablets can't tear like a condom, they are very easy in use (unlike coil, for example) and are not very expensive. I think that's even more than enough!

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Note that oral contraceptives are not recommended for women under 18 just because their organism hasn't completely formed yet (maybe I'm old-fashioned but aren't they too young to make sex?).

If you have already made up your mind to use exactly this contraception you should also know that it will be no doubt effective if you use it correctly (regularly, with a short pause each month), how to do it is written in the instruction of each contraceptive--it's easy. Well, good luck to you!


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