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Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Ortho-Evra: What’s the Difference?

If you are young and have little experience in choosing the right contraceptive method for you, no wonder that you are perplexed and lost among the names, brands and components of the drugs. I will take a risk to enlighten at least one problem: choosing among Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Ortho-Evra – perhaps the most popular FDA approved contraceptives.

Ortho Tri-Cyclen is a hormonal combination oral contraceptive pill, which contains the progestational compound norgestimate and the estrogenic compound ethinyl estradiol. These synthetic hormones enter the bloodstream and prevent the release of the eggs from the ovaries.

It is worthy to note, that this is a prescription pill. A person, who is older than 15, has achieved menstruation, has no contraindications to oral contraceptive therapy and does not smoke, can safely use Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

To be effective, the pill must be taken daily strictly at the same time for either 21 or 28 days. Its effectiveness is 99%, which explains the popularity of the drug. At the same time, it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Among the possible side effects are blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks, though they occur very seldom, due to the optimal dosage of progestin. Nevertheless, the risk of experiencing side effects increases if a woman smokes. Obstructions for using Ortho Tri-Cyclen include blood clots, certain cancers, a history of heart attack or stroke, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

There are more advantages though in using this drug, as it also helps get rid of acne, therefore, improve the state of the skin; reduce menstrual cramps, and make the cycles more regular.

Attention! Here is the most interesting news. If you always miss the time for taking birth control pills; if you hate the process of swallowing them; if you are sick and tired of a pill itself - the new FDA approved product is right for you.

Ortho-Evra is what I am talking about. This is a highly effective (99%) contraceptive skin patch, containing ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) and norelgestromin (progestin). It is applied onto the dry clean skin on any area of the body, except for the breast, and remains there for a week. On the eighth day the patch must be replaced with a new one. During the 4-week menstrual cycle 3 patches must be used, while the fourth week (actually, during the periods) you should spend patch-free.

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Ortho-Evra works releasing a steady supply of the above mentioned hormones through the skin into the bloodstream, thus reducing fertility.

It is almost impossible to overdose this contraceptive due to its design. Nevertheless, a number of side effects can be observed: breast tenderness, depression, menstrual cramps, weight changes, changes in the menstrual cycle, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, growth of hair on the face, back, chest or stomach, hair loss, acne, appetite changes.

Smokers, obese, pregnant and breastfeeding women, persons with any health disorders must consult a doctor to find out whether they can safely use the patch.

Now it is your turn to make a decision. Hopefully, the information above will help you and you will be satisfied with your choice.


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