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Practical Tips on Heartburn Relief

If you feel a burning sensation or discomfort that starts behind the breastbone in the chest and moves up to the throat, and if this sensation usually appears after the meal or at night - you are likely to experience a symptom, known as heartburn.

This symptom is rather common among people, but it is considered to be a sign of the GERD disease, when it occurs more than twice a week. Heartburn is a treatable condition, but if it is not severe and visits you not so often it may be handy to use some of the non-medical tips to avoid this unpleasant situation.

First thing to know about heartburn is that it is usually caused by certain food types that are considered to be heartburn triggers. Among such foods are: Citrus fruits Chocolate Caffeinated and carbonated drinks Fatty and fried foods Garlic and onions Peppermint, spearmint Spicy foods, vinegar Tomato-based foods

Triggers may vary among people, so here is tip #1.

Define your own food triggers that make you feel heartburn and try to avoid eating them in future.

The mechanism of heartburn involves stomach acid that flows back from stomach into esophagus, which is not protected against acid. Acid may flow back if its amount is excessive or when the stomach is overfilled with food. So, tip #2 looks as follows.

Avoid eating large portions of meals. Remember that it is better to eat smaller portions five times a day than to eat large portions three times a day.

Sometimes, heartburn occurs when a person lies down after having a meal. In this case, the Earth gravity is the force, which causes the stomach acid reflux into the esophagus. Below is tip #3.

Do not take horizontal position right after a meal and try not to eat at least 2 hours before sleep time. If you experience heartburn during sleep raise the head of your bed.

Alcohol and nicotine are considered to be among the possible triggers of heartburn. So, try to follow tip #4 as often as it is possible.

Avoid alcohol and nicotine abuse. Doing this may bring many benefits to your health.

The next tip #5 is based on chemistry. Alkali neutralizes acid. So, in order to stop heartburn, caused by stomach acid, one should take some eatable alkali substances (for example, baking soda with water). At the same time, human saliva is the alkali substance, which is always with us and it is free of charge.

Take a chewing gum or a hard candy after a meal in order to increase the saliva production. That will help lessen the heartburn sensation in your esophagus and wash the acid back into the stomach.

Tight-fitting night body cloth is undoubtedly very sexual and tempting. At the same time, it may increase the pressure on the stomach, making it to reflux the acid into esophagus. So, here is tip #6.

If you suffer from heartburn at night - prefer loose-fitting underwear.

Stress is not a problem of your head only; the other organs feel it too. Stomach is not the exclusion. When you are stressed, stomach increases the production of acid that may cause heartburn. Consequently, tip #7 may be of help.

Learn stress management techniques. Don't worry and relax. Eating as the way to overcome stresses may lead to heartburn and weight gain.

Exercising and eating are two life-important activities. But exercising with the full stomach may become a short cut to heartburn. To avoid it, keep in mind tip#8.

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Plan your meals. Wait at least two hours after a meal before exercising.

Sometimes, things, we are thinking about too much, becomes real. This technique (materialization) is sometimes used as the means to rich certain goals. But there is another side of the coin. Thinking much and reading too much on the heartburn issues may cause heartburn symptoms. So, tip #9 is for easy-suggestible people (but do not take it very seriously:)

Do not read many articles on heartburn at one sitting. It may cause heartburn. Study the topic gradually.

Finally, I would like to mention that heartburn may be a sign of serious health disorder, so in case you suffer from it very often and it brings you much discomfort, the best tip is to consult a doctor about your condition.


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