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Propecia Side Effects

People have always considered the end of millennium and the beginning of new one to be the Mysterious Time of Great Changes. The end of second millennium was not the exception from the rule. Someone expected the Second Appearance of Christ on Earth and the beginning of Armageddon, someone were frightened by the potential computer problem “2000”, resulting in Armageddon as well. Happily none of those prognoses came true.

On the contrary the end of previous millennium was marked with many inventions, called to improve people’s life in the next 1000 years. I would remind here one of them, which has the special meaning for the male population of Earth planet: the appearance of Propecia in 1997 as the most effective pill to treat the baldness in men.

It is interesting, that Propecia was originally developed as the treatment for prostatic hyperplasia, but later it was approved by FDA as the first oral treatment of the male baldness. By the way the story of Propecia resembles the Viagra story greatly (world known pill to treat Erectile Dysfunction was also developed for completely different purpose and only in 1998 it was approved as the impotence pill).

Both pills are characterized with great effectiveness and small number of side effects. Below we will describe the most significant side effects of Propecia.

The working agent of Propecia is finasteride, which helps not only to stop hair loss, but also to significantly recover the hair growth in men.

Speaking about side effects of Propecia, I would draw your attention to 2 fundamental facts: 1) 98% of men, treated with Propecia, experienced NO SIDE EFFECTS; 2) Propecia should not be taken by women, as it is developed exclusively for men. Propecia can cause the baby’s birth defects, when taken by pregnant women or those, planning to become pregnant.

So if you consider yourself to be lucky enough to get into that 2% of patients, it would be still useful to know about the side effects of Propecia.

There are three general potential threats with Propecia: decreased libido or sex drive, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorders. Clinical tests showed that 1.8% of all men treated with Propecia experienced decreased libido, 1.2% - erectile dysfunction and 0.8% - decreased volume of ejaculated sperm.

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Interesting to note that after 5 years of Propecia treatment, the above mentioned side effects disappear and only 0.3% of all patients still have them.

The post-marketing experience of Propecia indicates such side effects as breast tenderness and enlargement, hypersensitivity of lips and face, testicular pain. The scientists are not sure about the reasons, causing side effects with Propecia, so it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor if you fill something strange or abnormal with your health while taking Propecia.

Finally I would like to underline once more: only 2% of patients suffer from side effects of Propecia. On the other hand there is a statistics on Propecia effectiveness: 90% of men treated with it at 5 years had the improvement of hair growth or no visible hair loss. So after all, you are to choose…

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