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Rogaine vs Propecia: Similar Meaning in Different Forms.

Today we are living ingreat days - Days of Total Democracy. This notion concerns now not only politics or state government, it has penetrated almost into all spheres of modern life, bringing its fundamental principles: diversity of everything and complete freedom of choosing.

At the same time, democracy has one rather significant disadvantage: itís getting harder and harder for people to make a right choice in that great variety of options, they are offered. This problem arises quite often, for example when electing the State President or when choosing the right sort of bread among dozens of them in the supermarket.

The same situation can be observed now in medicine and health protection. The times when aspirin was the universal pill to treat headache, toothache and alcohol withdrawal syndrome have passed away. As well as the times, when such conditions like baldness or impotence have been considered to be a natural sign of aging and thus required no treating.

Now we have multiple treatment options to cure any of such diseases. Let us take baldness for example. The range of treating means includes shampoos, cosmetic balsams, lotions and special drugs, available only with medical prescription.

It is impossible to describe all of these options within one article, so we will pay attention to Rogaine and Propecia, as the most widely-spread and known remedies to treat pattern baldness. Both of them target the same problem of hair growth. The difference is mainly in the form of remedies and their actual mechanism of acting.

Rogaine is the topical solution, which should be applied to scalp skin twice a day. It does not require the prescription from a doctor. Rogaine works by nourishing and revitalizing hair roots or follicles, so it works better when the baldness is just starting and there are enough live follicles on the head.

Rogaine is the creation of Pfizer, known also for its Viagra - first oral pill to treat impotence. It has been approved by FDA in 1988.

Propecia is a new effective remedy to treat baldness, produced by Merck and Co, Inc. It was approved by FDA in 1997. Propecia is made in the form of oral pills, so it is much easier to use it in comparison with applying liquid Rogaine twice a day.

The action of Propecia is based on certain hormonal processes in male organism, causing the male pattern baldness. Propecia slows down these processes, thus eliminating the hormonal cause of baldness. As a result, the effectiveness of Propecia is approximately 90%, including 42% of hair loss stopping and 48% of hair growth restore. Due to its character of acting, Propecia is a prescription drug.

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There are two principle differences between these two drugs. Propecia is an exclusive menís drug, it cannot be used by women or children, while Rogaine can be used by both sexes.

The other difference is in side effects. Propecia is extremely safe pill; only 2% of patients experience such side effects as decreased libido or sex drive and decreased volume of ejaculation. Rogaine can cause allergic reactions, chest pain and dizziness, irregular or very fast heartbeat. Rogaine contains alcohol, so it is important to avoid getting it into the eyes, mouth or nose.

So I hope, you will find the above said information helpful, choosing the remedy for baldness between Rogain and Propecia, and you will not be disappointed in democratic principles of our modern life.


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