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Scarsdale Diet: A Ship to Your Dreamland

The beauty-land. Everyone strives to get there. For millions of people, however, this dreamland seems as far as a lonely island in the boundless ocean. The thing that bothers those guys is their obesity. For them beauty is a slim and well-shaped body first of all. To lose weight and to become slender is the only way for them to reach their beauty-land. Their task is to cross the ocean of diets and exercising. Sometimes it is so exhausting and dangerous to swim there because of the reefs and sharks – the undesirable consequences of dieting. They need a reliable ship - a diet plan – to get to the coast safe and sound.

Scarsdale diet plan is one of such ships. It was developed by an American doctor Herman Tarnower and was extremely popular in the 70th. With the lapse of time, though, it lost its popularity to the other diet plans, like Atkins or the Zone ones.

Scarsdale diet can be called a high-speed ship, because it allows losing weight extremely quickly, therefore, to reach the coast sooner: up to one pound a day of weight loss is promised. In the reality, though, the amount is smaller.

The ship is better for the moderately obese persons. They will have to stay aboard from 7 to 14 days. It is quite easy to stay on, you will not have to make decisions and choose what to eat: the menu is precisely defined; no special foods are needed. The diet is characterized by low-carb, moderate-fat, and high-protein products (with much vitamins and minerals). The portion sizes are not restricted, though, it is recommended to eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed. This will help escape the constant feeling of hunger – an accompanying element of any other diet.

Here are the main rules to stick to while being aboard:

- drink up to 4 glasses of water per day (diet soda, decaffeinated coffee and black tea are allowed); - use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar; - herbal appetite suppressants are encouraged; - eat beef, lamb, veal, lean ham and pork (all the meats must be trimmed of skin and fat); - low-fat cheese and skim milk is OK to use; - snacks allowed are only celery and carrots; - restrict eggs consumption to 3 a week; - eat vegetables other than peas, corn, potatoes, lentils and any kind of beans; - lemon, vinegar and mustard dressings as well as non-stick vegetable spray, ketchup, chili, Worcestershire and soy sauce, herbs and seasoning are good;

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- fresh or frozen seafood also allowed.

It is strictly prohibited to eat:

- candies and deserts; - frozen products, ice-cream and ice-milk; - all the flower-based products, like macaroni or spaghetti; - alcohol; - mayonnaise.

A typical menu of the Scarsdale diet plan provides 850-1000 calories a day, though it is not necessary to count them all the time.

The only warning about this diet plan ship: remaining there for more than 14 days can be dangerous because of the extremely restricted caloric intake, while the protein element is alarmingly large in the amount. Additionally, the given diet can be harmful to people suffering from heart diseases and high blood pressure due to the encouraging of herbal appetite suppressants.

So, if you are not extremely obese and intend to lose not more than 20 pounds, welcome aboard!


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