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How to Sew Your Stress Up

Life can be hectic. Unlike before, people are supposed to resolve many issues at a time in a machine-like mode, which doesn’t make you healthier. Yes, life IS hectic. And we are supposed to turn the brain off when it becomes overloaded. Otherwise, we face stress.

Stress is a compound feedback at changes in life, for better or worse. In fact, stress can be caused by the simplest things in the world, even the traffic jam is a good ground for stress. What about more complicated events, like birth or death, relations with the loved ones and job issues?

It is really amazing how some people can manage stressful situations easier than the others. Many people know how to do that subconsciously, but most need help in working the things out and overcoming stress. I can assume that the latter, and the biggest, group are those who read the article right now.

What are the main techniques to overcome stress? Well, to start the relieving procedure it is important that you find the root of stress. It is easy sometimes, if the cause is at the surface, like relations that suck or working deadlines that make you pull all-nighters. But there are instances when the source of your problem is much deeper, sometimes far in time, so it is hard to figure it out and difficult to manage the problem.

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Once you got the thing that caused stress that is the time to start working on the problem. Sometimes it is really hard to do though. You can be pressed for time or mental strength. So, it makes sense to start with the situation you are in. After that you should set a goal, like “I want to resolve my work problems” or “I’ll do my best to get along with my kids”. Actually, working out a stress relief plan is almost a half of resolving the whole thing.

Another important step is to handle your body correctly in the most stressful situation. Take a deep breath no matter what happens in your life and set you respiration back to normal. That will reduce muscle tension and you’ll feel better. In the longer term, it is good for your body to do more sports to keep the body fit. Walking, swimming, cycling or jogging could be just fine. What’s more, better look makes you more confident about yourself thus making you stronger in handling stress. Additionally to this, it is necessary to have enough sleep and mix work with leisure, with breaks as often as you need it.

What is even more important is maintaining mental state up. Try to more smile and not concentrate on the problem too much. If it is an office problem, leave it in the office and try to relax at home, if something goes wrong at home, try to work out the solution as soon as possible, because you are unlikely to be very profitable at work. It is useful to change your focus as well. If something goes wrong and you feel that you are getting frustrated, just change the place, go out, have fun or just breathe deeply outside your office or apartment.

Be polite but firm to other people. Don’t hesitate to say a polite “No!” when you see that you can’t help. Why should you experience stress because of other people?

If the problem seems to be irresolvable, make a list of pros and cons that you face. It is always easier to see the situation on the paper. And don’t forget: if you really need help, don’t be shy to get it, no matter from whom, a friend or a doctor.


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