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Why Men Donít Like Losing Their Hair

Beginning with the Bible story of Samson and Delilah men are getting more and more aware of losing hair. Two-three thousand years ago hair comprised men power. The more hair a man had, the stronger he was, thought our ancestors. The more hair heís got, the more chances to attract attention of womankind. Today male hair strength gives way to high technologies and career stuff.

Now women arenít the only negative factor for losing hair. Add environment problems, stress, genes, less manual labor, more hard brain work and you get contemporary hair situation. And donít forget to count the highest ever level of hair care. Americans spend millions of dollars on hair care annually and still the number of people suffering from hair loss continues to grow. Sounds like the more you spend on your hair, the less hair you eventually have. So walking down the street in your city you would never be surprised to see lots of men with bald spots on their heads. Like a century ago youíd never be surprised to see men wearing wigs. But wigs are not the best solution in the XXI century world with the massive propaganda of healthy lifestyle and healthy look. This world has its own stereotypes. You would hardly find a man showing the prospects of washing his bald-spot head with a shampoo on TV. So the first Ďwhyí in the fear to lose hair is the social stereotype of male beauty.

The second one is somehow connected with the thought that baldness is kind of an illness and should be treated with the special remedy. Actually, baldness can be treated successfully by means of special drugs, such as Propecia, but it is wrong to think that baldness is dangerous for your health. Hair is like teeth, you can have it more or less good or not really, but you should care of it to keep it healthier for longer period of time.

Some people also think that hair loss can be bad for a manís career. We usually think that men with more hair on their heads are more responsible and (NB!) smarter than their bald-headed colleagues. Thatís why men are scared of losing hair - because they donít want to be less successful in their careers.

The worst thing about the men hair fears is of course losing women attention. Some men suffer badly as the process of losing hair begins, because they are sure that women would now be less attracted by them. Lucky those who managed to find a lifetime partner before getting bald, they think. In fact, a lot of women consider slight baldness to be really cute and sexy. On the other hand, getting bald-headed has its own advantages as it gives a man more impulses to follow new trends and try to be more interesting as a person and a man.

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And one more Ďwhyí, probably the weirdest one. The weakness of men is in trying to be strong and the best in everything. When they lose hair they feel like losing something really important, their ancient strength and power. Their bald spots open their heads to the world and of course they are afraid of being figured out. ;-)

I think that thereís no need to worry much about losing hair. Maybe in a couple of years a slight baldness will be in vogue? And one more important thing. Men! We love you just as you are! Kisses!


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