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Does The Grapefruit Diet Really Work?

I guess any fat person tries to get rid of his/her weight no matter how; at least I would do that. But it's not so easy. There are thousands of methods helping to lose weight and the most popular among them is a diet.

A diet, in its turn, also has a great amount of varieties. For example: Dr. Phil Diet, 3 Hour Diet, Abs, Body for Life, Cabbage soup, Fat Flush, French Women's Diet, Grapefruit Diet, South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet,......I can name at least 30 more diets. Certainly, it is very difficult to choose the appropriate one.

Among the most popular diets I've chosen the Grapefruit Diet to talk about.

Grapefruit itself is a very useful fruit. Its juice, pulp and even its peel are very helpful at deperssion, apathy, fever, insomnia, exhaustion and freckles. The origin of grapefruit is still unknown, but its first trees were found on Barbados Island in 1750. And in 1880's this fruit app?ared at the world market. It's considered that the motherland of cultural grapefruit is India and Central America.

Grapefruit can be one of the main components of liqueur, juice, jam and......a diet. So, this diet is called The Grapefruit Diet.

Well, if you are still not sure what diet to choose, I'd recommend you not to choose this one.The thing is that it hasn't been tested properly yet. Moreover, it's rather unbelieveble to lose weight following this diet. And finally, it's not one of the cheapest way to become thin, because grapefruit is a rather expensive kind of fruit and you'll need a lot of it.

It's considered that grapefruit contains a special enzyme that burns fat. Till nowadays no one knows exactly how it happens. So you just buy many grapefruits and eat them (or drink juice) before or during each meal.

For breakfast, for example, you should have one half of grapefruit, 2 eggs and 2 slices of becon. Your dinner should consist of the other half of the grapefruit (or 200 gr. of grapefruit juice without sugar), any salad and any meat as much as you wish (!). For lunch you should have one half of grapefruit or its juice, any meat, vegetables, salad and again as much as you wish (!). Moreover, you may have supper! And it will consist of a glass of tomato juice or fat-free milk.

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As this diet says you must eat as much as you want, until you're full, and avoid starchy foods, potatoe and coffee. It is promised that the first results will be seen in 4 days, and in 2,5 months you'll lose 20 kilograms! But do you really think it works? With such an amount of meat (any meat!)! I doubt it. To my mind grapefruit (if you like it so much) can be even more useful in the form of essential oil. And it really exists.

Just a note: essential oil "Grapefruit" can be used for a bath, massage, for one's skin (as cream) and as aroma means for improving one's psychological state. It should be kept in the fridge and avoided by people who are sensitive for citrus fruits.

Anyway, grapefruit is very useful for your health in any form, as you can see. I don't know if the Grapefruit Diet will help you, but there is no doubt that it won't make you feel worse. So, it's up to you!


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