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The Zone Diet – a Choice of Celebrities

The end of the 1990th was the period of peak popularity of the Zone Diet, developed by Barry Sears. Madonna, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker are those Hollywood celebrities, who followed the diet and claimed it to be really effective.

Now with the appearance of new “blockbusters” in dieting (like South Beach Diet), the popularity of the Zone decreases, proving again the idea that everything on Earth is passing by with time.

The Zone Diet is marketed as a moderate-carbohydrate, moderate-protein and moderate-fat dietary program. 40:30:30 is the fundamental ratio of the Zone to indicate how many calories a person should get of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

At the same time, such moderation is the main stumbling stone of the diet, because most of health guidelines say that 50:15:35 is the ratio of the optimally balanced food. On the other hand, obesity is far from optimal state of human body, so the fighting with it obviously may require some options, lying beyond the optimum to return the body to its normal state.

However, the Zone diet is considered to be a life-long plan, what gives additional concerns about the influence of permanently increased doses of protein in human organism.

Along with moderate consumption of all types of food, supplementation of high-dose fish oil is the other component of the Zone Diet.

Actually, the Zone is used to define the virtual range of insulin and eicosanoids hormones level; the diet is called to achieve and maintain not only weight loss, but to improve physical and mental performance as well.

Speaking about the regimen of the Zone Diet is hard enough in view of necessity of measuring and counting all the meal components to achieve the required ratio of all nutritious elements, taking into account personal data, like body mass and height.

Though many books and web-based calculators exist to ease people’s following the Zone Diet, it is considered to be time consuming, inconvenient and expensive to follow. Of course, these factors can be ignored by Hollywood celebrities (because they can hire an army of cooks for measuring, counting and preparing the right food).

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The way for other people to follow the Zone Diet is to divide your favorite plate into three equal sections, fill one section with low-fat protein (for example, skinless chicken or turkey) and the other two sections with vegetables and fruits and spice it all with olive oil. Keep in mind that consumption of such carbohydrates as cereals, rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, bagels and noodles should be reduced significantly.

Being presented 10 years ago, the Zone Diet has obtained many “for” and “against” arguments, so the choice is up to you. In case you decide to enter the Zone, type www.zoneperfect.com in the address bar of your browser.


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