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Living with Depression: Tips for a Sufferer

You can be very nice and pretty, but if you are in low spirits or depressed you may seem to be an unpleasant person. If you suffer from depression you strive for loneliness; and it is not bad in the long run, since actually everything lies in your own hands, thus nobody can help you better than you can do it yourself.

Understanding your depression is the first step to overcoming it. If you understand clearly that you are entrapped by depression, you have more chances to win this struggle. Understanding the problem is, probably, the most important step towards its solving.

The second step is to understand that you should work hard, you should, actually, do your best to rescue yourself from depression claws. An open person, hopeful, and ready for changes for better will do it sooner. You can do anything you want, you can try different ways and methods, but it’s intolerable to do nothing. You can dance, you can sing, you can meditate and use yoga – do anything you like. Spend some time doing exercises. Who knows, perhaps, it will take you only 20-30 minutes to start feeling better.

Some depressed people may get real benefits practicing different types of destruction and other psychological techniques. For example, you may try painting a picture of how you perceive your inner world. When you finish the picture you may see or understand what exactly in your life needs changing or improvement.

There are a lot of books and articles on depression, which may also help you beat your condition. You can go to the library and look through different books. You never know, sometimes a single word read somewhere can help one get better and change the life.

Try playing different games, e.g. football, volleyball, jogging, etc. Furthermore, a great help can be found at the meeting of some counseling groups, which unite people suffering from depression. In this case you can find help for yourself and also help others to solve similar problems. You should understand that many people live with depression and they can consolidate in one team to settle similar problems.   

In order to treat depression successfully it is important to talk about it to someone. You may talk to your friends and discus your problem. If you don’t have many friends or they are too busy, why don’t you try having a long hike talking to yourself? Try to remember your favorite song from your childhood and sing it. You can also invite your childhood chum to sing with you.

Have you ever been abroad? Try doing this - visiting new country, getting acquitted with new people may also be of help while trying to overcome depression. You can travel all over the world (of course, if the finance allowsJ). You can go to mountains. Try skiing or even more extreme types of entertainment. Feeling adrenaline in your bloodstream will help you eliminate all the depressive thoughts and feelings.

If you are fond of pets - spend some time with them. There is a well known expression saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. You can also have fun visiting the zoo. 

Nowadays it is very popular to practice yoga. It offers many techniques to avert a crisis. There are a lot of different clubs, where one can learn how to improve one’s inner life and strengthen the spirit. One who practices yoga dilligently can achieve great results in recognizing the causes of depression and finding the ways out of it.

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Finally, think positively about your wellness and happiness. Try to compose a list of your everyday tasks and follow it. Fulfilling even a small task should be treated as an achievement and success. You can try writing a list of your life goals and concentrate on making steps towards their realization. Doing this you will have no time for depression. But, please, do not overdo with the life goals, because inability to achieve them may become a source of new depression. Remember that moderation is the key.

Anyway, since you are reading this article, it means you do have a great wish to overcome depression and keep it out of your life. Hopefully, some of the above mentioned tips will be of help for you in your struggle against depression. Remember – you are not alone, and depression is definitely a treatable condition nowadays!  


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