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TriCor General Information

Total cholesterol level is not only about LDL “bad” and HDL “good” cholesterol. There is one more constituent, which is taken into consideration when assessing one’s total cholesterol level. Triglycerides are specific forms of fat, found in blood along with cholesterol. Though they are important for normal body functioning, their high amounts may cause certain health disorders. Besides, high amounts of triglycerides in blood increase the total cholesterol level.

Once the triglycerides exceed the levels, at which they are necessary for human organism, and the “benefits/risks” balance trends to the “risks”, triglycerides turn into a target for doctors and health-care provides, who have special weapons in their arsenal to beat high amounts of this specific type of lipids.

Along with certain diet alterations and exercising, high levels of triglycerides are treated with the class of medications, known as fibrates. There are two representatives of this class: gemfibrozil (Lopid) and fenofibrate (TriCor). According to the web-site of the latter medication, it is TriCor that is the No.1 prescription fibrate in the USA.

Ok, now we know that triglycerides level also matters for general cholesterol management, and in order to lower triglycerides one have to ask his doctor for a prescription of some fibrate medication (preferably TriCor, because it is No. 1:-)

Learning some basic information about the mode of action of TriCor does not seem to be out of place here, so let us devote one paragraph to enlightening the way in which TriCor can ensure positive results even at such areas, where statins do not always work well enough (I mean lowering high triglycerides, not cholesterol).

The point is that triglycerides are quite “lazy” chemicals and they cannot travel inside the human organism on their own without “vehicles” or “transportation means”. For triglycerides such “vehicles”, carrying them from one organ to another, are called VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein) particles. And here is where TriCor comes to action – it blocks VLDL particles and significantly reduces their amount in blood. As the result, triglycerides cannot circulate in the blood stream and are eliminated from the body. “Voilà”, as the French say – the job is done: as the result of TriCor activity the amount of triglycerides in blood may drop by 20 to 50 percents. Besides, TriCor is said to positively affect the “good” cholesterol, increasing its amount in blood. However, this medication, as well as any other representative of fibrates, has a very modest effect on “bad” cholesterol level.

Undoubtedly, some part of this article should also cover the safety issues referring TriCor. First of all, it should be kept in mind, that though TriCor has very few side effects, it is still not for everyone. People with serious kidney, liver, or gallbladder diseases should take TriCor with special caution.

TriCor may sometimes cause certain changes in liver chemistry, so it is recommended that a doctor should periodically check the condition of liver in people, who take TriCor regularly. Besides, experiencing abdominal pain while on TriCor may be a sign of gallstones or the inflammation of pancreas, so it is also highly recommended to discuss those issues with a health care provider.

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Finally, one more advantage of TriCor should be mentioned. While any other fibrate medication should be taken during meals in order to increase its effectiveness, TriCor may be taken with or without food or meals.  

So, once you and your doctor are positive about the necessity to lower your triglycerides level, and you are not very optimistic about diet and exercises (though it is very unlikely that these aspects will be excluded from your personal cholesterol management plan), TriCor may definitely be an option to consider among all the other available medications to lower total cholesterol in general and triglycerides in particular.


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