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A Hint on Vanquishing the Depression

So many people suffer from seasonal depression. I think it will be true to say that every person in the world experienced it at least once in his or her life. They say that autumn is when depression does its wicked work most often. Perhaps, the view of the falling leaves, sad and dull days, cold rains, grey sky, and gusty winds make us feel so miserable and a kind of lost.

I am one of those persons, who are prone to depression. I feel it at the same time every year. However, it is not autumn that throws me into depression. I always experience it at Christmas. By the way, I am not the only one, who feels depressed during the holidays. I know many people experiencing extreme sadness at the time when others entertain themselves. That is the reason why I am writing this letter. It is addressed to all those, who suffer from the absence of the festive mood. I sincerely hope my letter will help at least one of you feel better and get rid of the depression during the holidays.

As for me, I feel very sad throughout the Christmas time without the apparent reason; even in the company of my best friends I am so lonely and abandoned. It seems that a dark cloud wraps me around. No joy, no happiness, no life can reach me through it. And the happier become the people surrounding me, the darker, the thicker that cloud gets, leaving me no hope to break its chains and to dispel its mist to at last feel Christmas spirit and fully enjoy the best holiday of the year.

I know that it is extremely difficult to escape from depression; in fact, I never managed to do it for the time being; however, I decided that everything is going to be different this year. I am gonna be the one to rule; I will give depression no chance to conquer, to subdue me. I will do everything my own way. This year I am gonna be happy.

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To keep the depression as far away from me as possible I made a schedule of what I am to do during this time. Every second of my life I will be busy doing something. I hope that this way I will just have no time to feel frustrated and disappointed. I won't be able to think about my mood and my feelings. I will give my life a crazy rhythm, trying to manage to carry out every task in time. I have to visit so many shops to buy presents for all my friends and relatives; I will arrange a party for them; together we will go to the dancing halls and to every Christmas tree in the city.

The most important thing is that I am confident of success. I am armored against my foe; I am prepared for the battle; I am ready to say: DEPRESSION, STAY AWAY FROM ME!


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