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What Can I Do To Control Asthma?
Once a famous American actress Candice Bergen, who, by the way, won a Golden Globe and Emmy Award, explained how asthma attack made her the best at playing orgasm in the movies: “I may not be a great actress but I've become the greatest at screen orgasms. Ten seconds of heavy breathing, roll your head from side to side, simulate a slight asthma attack and die a little.”
Of course, in a real life asthma attack is far from an innocent joke of a model, especially for those people, who suffer it. The good news is that nowadays there are many options to treat asthma and relieve its attacks by both medicinal and non-medicinal means. Below is the list of some practical tips, which could help one take his asthma under control, at least to some extent.
Tip #1 If you want to treat asthma effectively – learn as much as possible about this disorder. Talk with your doctor about the type of asthma you have, ask him to outline possible treatment options, or browse the internet – there is plenty of useful information there. Find out what types of “rescue” inhalers and maintenance therapies of asthma are there.
Tip #2 Use asthma inhalers correctly. Once you’ve got a prescription for inhaler against asthma – be sure to find out how it works and how to use it correctly. Inhaler is a medication, not a breath freshener, so take care to use it in the proper way. Deeply inhale all the medication and hold your breath for a couple of seconds before exhaling. There are many different inhalers, so it is important to read the Patient Information and the label before using a particular product.
Tip #3 If you feel asthma attack approaching, and you do not have a inhaler – try drinking hot tea or a cup of coffee. It is said that caffeine can help to open the airways and thus prevent asthma attack.
Tip #4 Stick to a healthy diet. Proper eating regimen with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables may be beneficial for asthma sufferers. Anyway, healthy diet is a good option anyway. Besides, try to drink plenty of water, because dehydration may trigger asthma symptoms.
Tip #5 Identify you asthma trigger. Asthma is considered to be a kind of allergic reaction in response to something in the food, air, etc. Try to find out what causes asthma attack in your case and try to avoid it, if possible.   
Tip #6 Stay active. Asthma may surely interfere with the comfort of daily living. However, it is not right to let it rule your life. Medications and proper asthma management plan help many million people live happy lives with asthma. Exercising and fitness are an important part of it. Studies say that physical exercising helps to control asthma. However, while exercising do not overdo; and always keep your inhaler for emergency cases.
Tip #7 Learn stress management. Living with asthma may be full of challenges and frustrations, and thus stressful. Unfortunately, stress itself may cause asthma attack. So, treat stress as one of the asthma triggers and consequently, train yourself to take stress under control.
Tip #8 Use air conditioner. It is a fact that air conditioners can decrease the amount of certain allergens in the air, such as tree pollen, for example. Besides, some air conditioners can also decrease the humidity in the room, which is said to be beneficial for asthma sufferers. One note to remember about air conditioners – do not forget changing air filters in time. 
Tip #9 Think twice before taking a pet, especially a cat or a dog, into your house. Pets are people’s friends, of course; but their fur or feathers are also allergens. So, perhaps, aquarium fishes are the best candidates for home pets for people suffering from asthma.
Tip #10 Reduce the use of contact lenses. If your asthma is triggered by airborne allergen, like tree pollen, it is recommended to use glasses instead of contact lenses, because allergen can be trapped under the lenses and aggravate asthma.
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Tip #11 Control heartburn. Some doctors say that acid reflux or heartburn can cause damages to the airways, which in its turn may worsen the symptoms of asthma. So, if you notice worsening of asthma during heartburn flare-ups, it is better to talk with doctor about heartburn medications – there are plenty of them, including over-the-counter options.
Tip #12 Keep you house clean. By following this advice you will not only make your house more comfortable and cozy, but you will also reduce the number of indoor allergens, such as dust mites. Of course, while cleaning carpets it is better to wear a protective mask, or, what is even more advisable, have your house cleaned by someone else;-)

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