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What To Do If Your Birth Control Fails?

Even the most up-to-date birth control method or contraceptive does not give 100% guarantee in its efficiency. For example, condoms ensure impossibility of getting pregnant in 99% of cases. But 99% is not 100% and no one can be sure that he or she is lucky enough to avoid that 1% of cases when birth control method fails.

I think that sooner or later every Romeo or Juliet, practicing sexual relations with the use of certain birth control method, experiences the situation when the latter fails. It is obvious that they are not ready to have a baby, and that is the reason for significant concern about the failure in protection system. So, the question “What to do?” is natural and quite understandable in such situation.

Here is an important moment I would like to underline. If you use condoms, the problem will be revealed immediately. I mean that you will see at once that your birth control method gave a breach and something urgent should be done to prevent pregnancy. In such occasions I would recommend to run into the nearest pharmacy and ask for a medication, called emergency contraception. These drugs, when taken within several hours after the sexual contact, prevent pregnancy in woman.

But what if you and your partner used some other type of contraception, such as special female pills that are taken on the regular basis? This coin has definitely two sides. The plus is that such kind of birth control gives you freedom and a woman is always ready to have sex, without requesting a man to get a condom (of course, if there is no risk to get any sexually transmitted disease). But the minus is that you never know whether it works or not. Or better to say, you will understand the failure of your birth control method with the appearance of the first pregnancy signs.

This situation is far more serious than that with a condom. Now you and your partner should think carefully to estimate how much you are not ready to have a baby. Emergency contraception is of no help here, so you would better take a few days to think carefully before making a final decision.

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Actually, there are only two ways possible here: to break off pregnancy or to keep a baby. Stopping pregnancy is possible with the help of special medical procedure called abortion. I wish people apply to this method only at the last resort, when there is no slightest opportunity to keep a baby.

When there is at least one tiniest reason for you and your partner to save a baby – do it without any hesitation. Of course, you know all the ideas that children are our future etc., and you may be scared of such future. This fear is natural. But be sure, children are the only goals, worth living for.

Finally, try to look at the situation of birth control failure not as at the problem, but as at the divine intent. Maybe, the pregnancy and the prospect of having a baby will add the only missing segment of a puzzle for two people could understand that they are ready to create a family.


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