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What is Headache and How to Struggle with It?

Headache can be called a global problem that troubles millions of people from children to old people. It has a bad influence on our work, relationships, finally, it just bothers us to live. Headache was already a problem in the far X century B.C. A lot of works by Hyppocrat, Platon, Socrat about headache and its types were found by scientists (maybe they're not very correct, but still). People long ago suffer from this disease too, and it was more difficult for them to get rid of it because of undeveloped medicine. We are more lucky with it!

But what is headache, anyway? Headache is aching or pain that occurs in areas of the head, face, neck or even mouth (teeth, palate, gum). There are several types of headache: migraine headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, tension headaches and chronic headaches. Before swallowing a number of tablets you should know for sure what type of headache you are going to cure/ treat. And this can't be done without a good doctor, as you understand.

According to the statistics women suffer from headache more often than men. And it's quite understandable: women are more sensitive, they easily give way to panic, stress, depression and have more things to think about (in most cases). Most people, according to the statistics, have such types of headache as migraine and tension ones. On the whole about 80% of people all over the world have/ had some kind of headache. However, no panic--most headaches are easily preventable (others--not easily but are also preventable).

Headache is not a serious disease, that's why there is no need to call the doctor at once. But you should be more careful if you have three or more headaches per week, if you have to take a pain reliever very often and much more than it was recommended, if this headache is too painful or accompanied with vomiting. In these cases it's better to call your doctor to define the type, treatment and reasons of your problem.

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In most cases you can stop this outrage by yourself using some medicine. For example: occasional tension headache can be treated with the help of Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Amitriptyline or Desipramine. Migraine and cluster headaches can be traeted with Imitrex, Migranal, Prednisone, Lithium and some others. Treatments for headache are not rare products, they are available in each pharmacy and should be available in each house. By the way, you can find more information about these treatments and headache on the whole here, on Pillwatch.com.

Sometimes headache can be caused by some medicine as one of its side effects ("one is treated another is crippled"). But in most of such cases it passes soon, maybe even without taking any pain reliever.

You see now, headaches can be of different types and each of them can be caused by different reasons, but they are all preventable (more or less). That's why don't give way to panic (it also causes headache)!


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