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You Need To Find Your Something

I'm very sorry for people suffering from depression, because I understand what's happening to them at such moments. Do you know why? Just because I also suffer from depression and I know how difficult it is to overcome it. However, everything has a way out. No, I'm neither a doctor nor a psychologist. I am more helpful - I'm a depressed person.

Depression seems to be unpredictable for people suffering from it, but not for others. How many times I heard my relatives whispering, "Let's not tell her about it, this may depress her a lot. " How do they know what may depress me?

And they do know! I got depressed when my first boyfriend - my first love - broke up with me. I was 17 at that time...and already depressed. Another fit of depression came at the school leaving party; suddenly I realized I'm grown up already and that made me really sad. Then I fell in love with some guy in College. In spite of being happy for having such wonderful feelings, I felt into depression as didn't know what to do with all these feelings.

But all these situations are so different! Is it possible to say when the next fit comes? "And if I can't predict my falling into depression I must at least find the way to come out of it quickly," one day the thought crossed my mind. I decided to recall the happiest moments of my life to analyze them and to find out what really makes me happy and satisfied.

Well, at first there seemed to be a lot of things, but soon most of them were declined. Firstly, I thought about my favorite food: chips, chocolates and things like that. However, it was too simple and didn't really work. Moreover, it had bad influence on my body, as all my favorite food is rich in calories.

Another variant was communication with other people - friends, relatives - to fix my mind at the discussed topic. It was more helpful, but less accessible, because all my friends and relatives were absent during the whole day and I had a house sitting job. And talking on the phone...you know, it's different.

I didn't give up - there must have been something that can make me relax and think about pleasant things! My little cousin occasionally helped me to find this "something". Once he was watching my favorite old musical movie "Sounds of Music" and I was in my room struggling with a new fit of depression at that time. I felt really bad and needed to talk to someone. Having come down to my cousin I sat down on the sofa beside him...

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It was a kind, merry movie, filled with children's songs and pleasant music. I had seen it many times before, but I still couldn't tear myself away from the TV set. When "Sounds of Music" ended, both of us sighed deeply and agreed that the movie was really good. After long discussions I suddenly realized that about two hours ago I was terribly depressed. "That's it! I've found my something, which can help me forget about depression!"

Fortunately, I have "Sounds of Music" on my DVD and I can watch it any time. You won't believe, but since that day every time a new fit of depression comes, I watch "Sounds of Music". Maybe it is a self-infusion, but it still helps! By the way, my grandpa, being depressed, always watched some military movie, and mother says it cheered him up.

Wish you good luck in looking for your "something"!

Nona, 27

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