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Does Depression Influence the Wedding?

It happened to my fellow student, Tommy. The whole University knew this story and each teller added something new to it. Nevertheless, I can guarantee the reliability of my variant because Tommy himself told it to me.

Annie was older than Tommy and had her own two-room apartment and a good job. But when Tommy fell in love with her he didn't know anything about it. It was love at first sight and a month later he moved to her place. At the same time, Tommy graduated from the University and found a high-paid job, which demanded regular business trips, however.

It was September. Tommy had to leave for his first three-month business trip. But he worried about Annieís behavior. They had been together for four months already and he never saw her like this. Annie was afraid of autumn and didn't want to explain why. Moreover, it seemed like she was looking forward to Tommy's departure. Poor guy didn't know what to think: "... maybe autumn reminds her something very unpleasant, somebody's death... or maybe she's got a husband who usually visits her in autumn..."

Annie tried to avoid talking about it and Tommy had to leave with all these thoughts in his head. How could he know that his beloved girl had been suffering from depression for four years already and that the disease became the most acute exactly in autumn? This autumn wasn't an exception.

Annie loved Tommy very much and was afraid to lose him. That was the reason why she didn't want him to know about her disease. On the other hand, he would get to know about it sooner or later. What would he do then? Maybe it was better to tell him everything at once and not to waste his time... All these thoughts would not leave Annie. Now the weather was gloomy every day, it didnít stop raining, everything around was grey and dull, she was all alone in her empty apartment... The aggravation of depression was inevitable!

As for Tommy, he quickly forgot about his suspicions and understood two things: he loved Annie and wanted to marry her. He had much free time and enough money (he had already received his first salary) to buy a beautiful wedding ring and was sure Annie would love it. On his way home, three months later, Tommy was thinking about how he would propose to her, imagining how happy Annie would be to hear that, how beautiful she would look in a wedding dress...

Annie knew Tommy was arriving next day. The depressing feeling of hiding a terrible secret, increasing day by day, wouldn't let her sleep. Sedative didn't work and it seemed like the only way to get rid of this ugly feeling was to put an end to such an agonizing life!

Tommy prepared a little box with the ring and opened the door: "Honey, it's me! I'm home!" There came no answer. Tommy entered the bedroom and saw something that plunged him into shock: Annie was lying on the floor with a number of various pills scattered around her. Tommy's hand automatically picked up the receiver...

Among other doctors there was a psychotherapist at the hospital, the one who treated Annie. He cleared the situation for Tommy. When Tommy entered the ward, Annie wasn't sleeping. "I'm so glad you're ok. Your doctor told me everything. But I don't care about this depression! And you know", - Tommy took the box out, - "...yesterday I was going to propose to you "... Annie smiled, her face expressed happiness. She closed her eyes slowly and....fell asleep. "She's ok but still too weak", - the doctor explained.

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Next morning Tommy was awaken by the telephone ring. It was Annie. "Has anything happened? Are you ok, Annie?" " I'm ok, don't worry. I just wanted to clarify: you were trying to propose to me yesterday, weren't you?'' ''Yes, I was. May I try once again?"- asked Tommy impatiently. "You must! Otherwise I'll have nothing to answer!" "Well, Annie, will you marry me?" "YES!" - came the answer.

As for me, I liked the wedding a lot! Tommy and Annie looked so happy! Annie still suffers from depression but just a little. However, she never feels alone now - Tommy changed his job and, to be on the safe side, keeps all the remedies away from his wife!

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