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A Contraceptive for Emperor of Morocco

There is no lack of extravagant personalities and events in the history of Mankind. Some of them excite people’s minds even nowadays, especially if the olden time legends concern issues, the topicality of which has not been lost during hundreds or even thousands years. The intimate relations between a man and a woman are one of such topics, and Casanova is, probably, the most picturesque historical personality, symbolizing boundless longing of a man for a woman (or, sorry, of course “women”:)

However, history says that once there was a man, who could give odds even to famous Giacomo Casanova. Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif, an Emperor of Morocco in 17th century, was happy to possess a harem with 500 wives. Some historical sources claim Emperor Ismail to be the most prolific man of all times, since he is said to father 888 children. Obviously, this man had no idea about contraception, though the history of birth control methods is almost as old as the history of human civilization.

Withdrawal as the method of male contraception is rooted in the very old times. In fact, it is considered to be the earliest birth control method. It was especially popular in the medieval times, but according to the recent World Fertility Survey, withdrawal is still in use in many countries worldwide.

Coitus interruptus, another name for withdrawal, is an anti-pregnancy technique, when a man withdraws his penis out of woman’s vagina just before the ejaculation and spills the sperm outside the vagina. The risk level for a woman to get pregnant when withdrawal was the only contraceptive used during intercourse was about 25%, which is pretty high in comparison to the modern birth control methods.

Besides, the use of withdrawal method puts a great responsibility at man, who should snatch that very moment prior to ejaculation and get his penis out of woman’s vagina in the right time. Naturally, the withdrawal method can hardly be used by men with early or premature ejaculation.

There is one more serious drawback of the withdrawal method of contraception: it does not protect from sexually-transmitted diseases and HIV. Since STDs are widely spread nowadays, the risks to get some of them through unprotected intercourse are pretty high.

Finally, it is satisfaction that is significantly decreased when the love game is interrupted at the moment of climax. Though after penis withdrawal man ejaculates and feels sexual satisfaction, this technique lowers significantly the chances of a woman to reach orgasm.

In spite of all disadvantages of the method, people used withdrawal thousands of years and still use it in order to prevent pregnancies. Indisputable advantage of this method is that it is all natural: no hormonal pills, no copper coils inside the uterus, no latex on the penis, just pure natural feelings. Consequently, withdrawal is the only birth control method with no side effects.

Besides, withdrawal can be used anytime and anywhere. It is free of charge and it is always in the way. This method is the only chance to prevent pregnancy in situations, when none of the other contraceptives is available. It is better to try withdrawal, than nothing at all.

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Withdrawal method is often criticized for its inefficacy because certain amount of sperm is always present in the pre-ejaculate fluid and it is not always the ejaculated sperm that fertilize an egg. Basically, this fluid really contains sperm, but the recent research shows that this sperm is incapable of fertilization, since its amount is very small in comparison to 10-20 millions of sperm, which should be deposited in the vagina to produce pregnancy.

No doubt, the withdrawal method has both positive and negative features; but, probably, it is due to its unique profile, that this birth control method has been used in the times of Egyptian pharaohs, medieval knights, Casanova, and it is still in use nowadays. So, treat withdrawal as one more weapon in the arsenal of existing contraceptives, but do not forget that this is a very fragile instrument, which requires skills to use it effectively.


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