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Xyzal the Newest-Generation Pill against Allergies

The third-generation antihistamine Xyzal is an example of human inventiveness and ability to find a solution of a problem without going too far and thinking of cardinally new discoveries. Xyzal is, so to say, an improved version of the older, second-generation anti-allergic pill Zyrtec. However, modern drug is said to be safer than its predecessor.

Xyzal main active ingredient levocetirizine dihydrochloride is a part of the whole, integral chemical cetirizine used in Zyrtec. Due to its structure, which lacks the second integral part, levocetirizine is believed to cause fewer side effects, especially losing its feature of provoking dizziness and sleepiness.

The reason of milder action on the organism lies in the pill’s ability to enter the brain in very little doses, as opposed to the other drugs. Xyzal works by preventing the binding of the released histamine to its receptors, which allows to avoid the development of allergy symptoms.

In fact, Xyzal is suggested to be so safe that it is recommended for the use of as little children as 6 years of age. At the same time, all the resources state that no clinical trials on such little kids were conducted. The decision of prescribing this medicine to children was based on the cross-study comparison of the systemic exposure and safety profile of Xyzal in adults and children 12 years and older.

Scientists revealed the fact that the body of kids younger than 12 absorb twice as much of this ingredient, thus the reduction of the adult dose (5 mg) by half is enough to acquire positive results of the treatment, avoiding, at the same time, the risk of side effects occurrence.

Xyzal is recommended to be taken once-a-day in the evening, because some people still may experience unusual sedation, being too susceptible and sensitive to the drug. The most common side effects of the pill include tiredness, sore throat, dry mouth, headaches, blurred vision, and lightheadedness. Children younger than 12 may experience fever, cough, sleepiness, and nose bleeds while on Xyzal.

Although this drug does not seem to be harmful to the developing baby, it is not recommended to be taken by breastfeeding mothers, as it appears in breast milk. People with kidney, liver, and gallbladder disorders should consult a doctor about the possibility of taking Xyzal.

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Finally, this medication may interact with other drugs; therefore, it is advisably to inform a doctor about any pills or supplements a patient is currently taking. It is known that Xyzal may cause more drowsiness when taken with alcohol; it may interact with anti-HIV ritonavir and bronchodilator theophylline.

In general, it appears that Xyzal is an effective and safe up-to-date option for the allergy, hay fever, and chronic hives sufferers, as well as for people who are targeted by rashes of unknown origins. In spite of the existence of some “buts”, the medication obviously helps many people successfully fight with their conditions, and thus be able to take part in all everyday activities without the necessity to deprive themselves of something.


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