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Yasmin a Contraceptive with Unique Features

Nowadays walking along endless shelves in the supermarkets and visiting numerous boutiques is a part of a lifestyle, inherent to a modern woman. By the highest standards, it is all about choice these days – the quality of our life depends much on the products we choose to eat, clothes we choose to wear, doctors we choose to visit, and even political party we choose to vote for.

However, choosing among Prada and Dolce is not the only hard decision to make for a modern woman. With more than 40 brands of oral contraceptives, choosing a personal birth control method may also turn into a significant challenge for a woman. Happily, there are many qualified doctors, as well as specialized web-sites (among which Pillwatch.com is certainly one of the best:) to help her choose an appropriate method of personal pregnancy protection.

So, as we already know, there are plenty of contraceptive options for women. Among them oral hormonal pills are, obviously, the most commonly used type of protection. Though the word “Yasmin” at the first glance may be associated with the misspelled “jasmine”, Yasmin is, in fact, one of the most popular oral contraceptives in the USA. And though all the daily pills are very similar in their mode of action and ingredients, Yasmin is different; moreover, some of its peculiarities may really become a weighty argument for choosing the pills in a violet box as the personal guard against the unplanned maternity leave.

Fist of all, Yasmin is unique because of its ingredients, or to be more exact, because of one of its ingredients, which is ciphered as the “drsp” abbreviation. Well, all the daily pills for women contain two hormones (except mini pills, which contain only one). These hormones are synthetic estrogen and progestin. Ethinyl estradiol is the form of estrogen used in all birth control pills, but the type of progestin may vary.

Attention please, here is an important information! While the majority of daily pills contain progestin derived from testosterone, which is a male hormone, Yasmin contains drospirenone (drsp), a hormone which has nothing to do with testosterone. The benefits of having drsp instead of testrosterone-derived hormone are obvious. Yasmin does not cause any androgen effects at female organism. These effects are, for example, acne, oily scalp, hair loss or, on the contrary, excess hair growth, especially in the areas where it is not supposed to be in women.

By the way, besides ensuring up to 98% protection against pregnancy, Yasmin offers several other health benefits, such as milder and more regular periods, and reduced risks of developing ovarian cysts, benign breast cysts, and ovarian cancer.

It is important to note, that though taking Yasmin helps a women avoid certain consequences of other daily pills use (for example, the necessity to depilate hair on legs more often than usual) some adverse reaction may still appear. Headache, nausea, bloating and bleeding between periods may be caused by Yasmin, especially during the first few months of its use, while the organism tries to decode what actually “drsp” is and adjusts its internal chemistry to this type of contraception.

However, it is better to have occasional headache or nausea caused by contraceptive than to experience the same or even more severe symptoms caused by unexpected pregnancy, isn’t it?

All the other aspects of Yasmin are similar to other birth control pills. It works by “tricking” a female body into thinking that it is pregnant. As the result, body does not produce eggs, so male sperm has nothing to join with and start a new life. Besides, hormones in Yasmin thicken the special substance at the entrance to the female womb and thus build a serious obstacle for spermatozoids to enter it.  

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The use of Yasmin is, so to say, a classic example of birth control pills use. A woman should take one active pill daily for a period of 21 days, and then take one inactive pill from the box for 7 days, during which the menstruation usually occurs. Of course, some of the brand-new contraceptive pills offer women “no-periods at all” lifestyle, and the regimen of Yasmin may seem to be “outdated” a little, but let’s say it this way: Beatles created their music in the previous century, but even nowadays, when there are many new progressive bands, the interest of music fans to the work of Beatles does not fade away.   


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