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Zetia a Unique Way of Fighting Cholesterol

Though there are many cholesterol-lowering techniques and methods available in our highly technological age, it is very important to choose the most optimal way to overcome high cholesterol levels in every particular case.

Of course, one is encouraged to try fighting cholesterol with some lifestyle changes (consume healthy foods, do exercises, do not overeat and do not smoke). However, sometimes lifestyle changes are not enough to lower cholesterol. That is the case when a doctor may prescribe one of the cholesterol-lowering medications. Zetia may be one of the brand medicines used for the purpose of lowering bad cholesterol level. And if one got the prescription for it – it does not seem useless to find out some basic information on it.

So, what Zetia is prescribed for is the reduction of total cholesterol level. Sometimes Zetia may be taken together with other cholesterol lowering medications (e.g. statins), but it is always recommended to undergo Zetia therapy in conjunction with a low cholesterol diet.

What’s important to note about Zetia is that it works differently in comparison to other anti-cholesterol medications. The key difference of Zetia is that it works in the human digestive tract, while other drugs work mainly in liver. Zetia unique mechanism of action is based on the blocking cholesterol absorption from foods. In other words, while statin medications deal with the cholesterol produced by the body itself, Zetia deals with the cholesterol that comes from different foods we consume.

The doctor may prescribe Zetia by itself or in combination with some statin drug in order to intensify therapy effectiveness and to achieve necessary cholesterol goals. In some cases a statin medication alone cannot be enough without Zetia. Working in different directions, statin pills and Zetia may provide far better results than a separate medication.

In order to achieve maximum results in treating cholesterol it is important to follow certain rules while taking Zetia. First of all, keep in mind that Zetia is a prescription medication, which should be taken under medical supervision. Zetia pills are taken directly by mouth with or without food, but with a full glass of water. If a doctor prescribes Zetia to be taken with other drugs it is recommended to take all the medications at the same time.

Before issuing a prescription or during the treatment course doctor may want to test patient’s blood, liver function or make other tests and examinations. It’s a common procedure, which is used to determine appropriate treatment regimen.

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The most common side effects, associated with Zetia, are stomach pain and tiredness. Sometimes, patients may develop allergic reactions, joint pain, muscle ache, nausea, dizziness, depression or even gallstones. In fact, one should be especially attentive to the symptoms of muscle pain, because in some cases it may develop into muscles breakdown and kidney damage. However, this side effect refers mostly to the combinational treatment, and not to the treatment with Zetia alone.

In general, Zetia may become a significant contributor to the reduction of total cholesterol levels, when used in combination with a healthy diet, exercising and other medications, advised by a doctor.


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