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Elidel Buying Tips
1. Some pharmacies charge hidden fees for your Elidel order. Use our price calculator to see the final price for your order. The difference can be huge.

2. You can save a lot of money by buying Elidel in bulk. This requires a larger up-front investment but the saving is enormous. Or get your friends to buy Elidel together!

3. Some pharmacies heavily discount the cost for Elidel refill orders. If you plan refills, save money by considering how much you will save in future refills.
About Elidel
Brand Name : Elidel
Type : requires prescription
Generic Name : pimecrolimus

Elidel is the first non-steroid prescription for mild to moderate atopic dermatitis and is one of the first new treatments since topical corticosteroids were introduced almost 50 years ago.
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