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Generic Name : finasteride
Other Brands : Finpecia, Propecia

Proscar is used to combat enlargement of the prostate. Proscar is based on Finasteride, the same ingredient as Propecia that [by dividing the tablets in 5] provides savings of over 50% vs. daily Propecia.

Proscar may require prescription in your country.

We build relationships with reputable internet pharmacies and offer our visitors the option to buy Proscar online without a prior prescription. Below you can review the price of Proscar from our partner pharmacy.

Best Prices of Proscar (5 mg)
Pharmacy Amount Type Price Shipping Total
Generic Doctor 30 Pills generic generic $39 $25 $64
Generic Doctor 60 Pills generic generic $69 $25 $94
Generic Doctor 90 Pills generic generic $89 $25 $114
Generic Doctor 120 Pills generic generic $99 $25 $124
Generic Doctor 140 Pills generic generic $109 $25 $134

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Buying Tips
1. Some pharmacies charge hidden fees for your Proscar order. Use our price calculator to see the final price for your order. The difference can be huge.

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