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Allergy Quizzes

Allergic Eyes General Quiz on Eye Allergies
Suffering from allergic reactions is a common thing these days. Most often allergies target our nose, skin, lungs, and eyes. Eye allergies, being harmless for the eyesight, may still significantly interfere with everyday activities of a sufferer. This quiz offers our visitors an opportunity to check their knowledge of eye allergies. Find out ...

Allergic Eyes Quiz on Eye Allergies Treatment Options
Very often eyes become the first human body organ, which comes into contact with allergens, plenty of which are in the air. As a result, people, who are prone to allergies, suffer from allergic symptoms, targeting their eyes, such as itching, redness or watering. In order to protect eyes from the harmful influence of allergens many treatment ...

Asthma Asthma Treatment Options Quiz
When it comes to asthma, we should keep in mind that it is a chronic or lifelong disease. It means that asthma medications will play the key role in helping a patient lead his normal life by preventing further symptoms and helping to overcome acute asthma attacks. The more one knows about asthma medications – the more he can help himself (if he ...

Asthma Asthma Quiz – General Issues
Asthma affects many millions of people nowadays. The bad news is that the cure for this health disorder is still not discovered. However, the good news is that asthma symptoms can be quite effectively treated with modern medications. In the meanwhile, knowing and understanding this disorder by patients is an important constituent of proper asthma ...

Eczema Can you distinguish eczema?
Revealing the problem and its correct identification is the first step towards solving it. That is why, we offer all our visitors this quiz, which is dedicated exclusively to the symptoms and signs of eczema or dermatitis and its most common types.

Eczema Eczema general quiz.
When trying to find a solution for some health problem, it is important to understand not only the available treatments, but the health disorder itself. This is the only proper way to find the treatment option which will ensure maximum results and minimum unwanted consequences of the therapy. That is why we designed the following quiz to help our ...

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Birth Control Quizzes

Alternative Contraception Get Master Degree in Ovulation
This test gives you necessary information about the process in female’s body, thanks to which we all, men and women, are leaving on this small planet. What do we know about it? This is the time to know not only where the child comes from, but whom Mr. Sperm Cell is so urged to.

Birth Control Articles Birth Control Quiz for Experts
Birth control is not only a method to escape marriage as well as condoms are not the only birth control methods. Below is a quiz, which may become a real challenge for you. But in case your answers are all correct, you are a real expert in this sphere of life.

Birth Control Articles Birth Control Quiz
Sex is certainly a pleasant activity. Still, it can lead to unwanted consequences, when it is uncontrolled and when a couple does not realize the responsibility. Possession of information on contraceptive methods and safe sex can prevent those negative consequences. Take your chance to check your knowledge of this issue. But do not take all the ...

Emergency Contraception Quiz on Plan B and IUDs for Emergency Contraception.
Emergency contraception is what people need in order to avoid pregnancy after the unprotected sexual intercourse occurred. With the help of this quiz it will take a few minutes for you to check your knowledge of the key facts on Plan B as the most popular pill for emergency contraception. Moreover, the quiz will get you acquainted with the other ...

Emergency Contraception Emergency Contraception Quiz
Emergency contraception is a very important issue. Actually, it is one of those topics any person should have at least some knowledge about, especially taking into account that we live in the world full of surprises and unexpected evens This quiz was made in order our visitors to be able to check what they know about this type of ...

Female Hormonal Contraception Oral Contraceptives Quiz
The family of Ortho pills are among the most widely known and commonly prescribed oral contraceptives nowadays. Produced by Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical Company, Ortho Cyclean, Ortho Novum and Ortho Tri Cyclen became the first option for many women worldwide as their primary birth control method. Weather you are familiar with the Ortho ...

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Cholesterol Quizzes

About Cholesterol Cholesterol General Quiz
Cholesterol is the issue, which nowadays raises many questions and is much talked about. In spite of the fact that the topic is so popular, many people have little knowledge about it; thus misinterpreting many facts and becoming anxious sometimes without the reason. This quiz is supposed to help the visitors test themselves to check whether the ...

Increasing Good Cholesterol Niacin and Niaspan Quiz
The quiz below is made for the site visitors to be able to check their knowledge of Niaspan pills use, indications and contraindications, and niacin as dietary supplement.

Increasing Good Cholesterol Advicor Quiz
Nowadays, pharmaceutical industry offers medications, which can not only lower “bad” cholesterol level, but also increase the level of “good” cholesterol and fix the triglycerides levels. Advicor is one of such medications. It combines the power of two mighty cholesterol-altering compounds: lovastatin and niacin. The quiz below is devoted to ...

Lowering Bad Cholesterol WelChol Quiz
People have invented many ways to lower cholesterol in blood: from healthy lifestyle changes to changing the chemical processes in the human liver. However, there are also methods to lower bad cholesterol level more effectively than with diet or exercising, and at the same time to avoid side effects, caused by interfering into body chemistry. ...

Lowering Bad Cholesterol Statins Quiz
This is a quiz designed for the readers to be able to check their knowledge of the most popular group of cholesterol-lowering drugs – statins. Remember everything you ever read about them and go ahead, check whether the information you recall is accurate.

Lowering Bad Cholesterol Zetia Quiz
Zetia belongs to a class of newly developed medications, used to manage cholesterol levels. Zetia can reduce your bad cholesterol and triglycerides amounts, as well as increase your good cholesterol level. This quiz is an online tool designed for self check of familiarity with the basic facts on Zetia.

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Depression Quizzes

Anxiety Disorders Treatment Medical Treatments of Anxiety
Anxiety often crosses the border of natural behavior in certain life situations and becomes one of the most common mental disorders. Though there is no single answer to the problem of anxiety, there are a number of approaches to help an anxiety sufferer overcome the disorder and get back to the comfort of normal living. If you or someone close to ...

Anxiety Disorders Treatment How to Identify Anxiety Disorder? Quiz.
Psychological illnesses can be not less dangerous and serious than purely physical ones. Therefore, it seems reasonable to know the basics of these conditions. To start with, check your knowledge of different types of anxiety disorders. Perhaps, some time you will be able to help anyone with such disorders, thus saving not only their bodies, but ...

Bipolar Depression Treatment Quiz on the Treatment Options of Bipolar Depression
Bipolar depression symptoms may be eliminated with the help of a number of drugs, specifically designed to fight this disorder. Some of the pills are effective in reducing depressive episodes; others can help control mania. At the same time, there are medicines, which possess the ability to significantly suppress the signs of both stages of ...

Bipolar Depression Treatment How Well Do You Understand Bipolar Depression?
Depression is a serious mental disorder with many forms and variations. Bipolar depression is one of them. Can you define what bipolar depression is? Do you know its signs and symptoms? Do you know how to distinguish bipolar depression from major depression? If you can answer “yes” to all those questions – use this quiz to find out how well you ...

Depression Overview Mental Disorders Quiz
This quiz is pretty serious, as well as the illnesses mentioned here. Nevertheless, do not be scared and do not hesitate to check your knowledge of this topic.

Major Depression Treatment Quiz on Older Antidepressants (Tricycles and MAOIs).
Unfortunately, depression is not a rare condition in the modern society; and antidepressants are among the most often prescribed pills these days. Hopefully, the situation will change for better some day, and fewer people will have to search for cure against this disorder. Meanwhile, it looks like it is reasonable to know the ABC of ...

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Diabetes Quizzes

Diabetes Medications How Much Do You Know about Insulin-Stimulating Drugs?
People with type 2 diabetes usually have problems with the lack of insulin produced by their pancreas to deal with all the sugars, derived from foods eaten. Happily, there are medications, specifically designed to work in the direction of increasing the release of insulin. Sulfonylurea and meglitinides are two classes of anti-diabetic medications, ...

Diabetes Medications Do you Know Key Facts on Metformin?
Metformin, which is a representative of the anti-diabetic drugs called biguanides, is considered to be the most popular and the most commonly prescribed oral medication against diabetes in the USA. This quiz is an online self-checking tool, as well as a source of basic information on biguanides in general and metformin in particular.

Diabetes Medications Quiz on Avandia
Diabetes, being a very distressful condition, may be quite effectively and even more or less conveniently managed today with the help of the available treatment options developed by the scientists. Avandia is the representative of the new class of drugs to control diabetes mellitus. Our visitors can check their knowledge of this new medication ...

Diabetes Medications How Well Do You Know Januvia?
Januvia is a new word in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Pillwatch.com has prepared a quiz for you to check how much you know about this novel medication, its unique features, health benefits and side effects.

Diabetes Medications Quiz on Byetta Key Facts
In April, 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Byetta – a representative of brand-new class of medications to help people with type 2 diabetes keep their blood sugar under control. The medication with an amazing origin and novel mode of action offers several valuable benefits to the patients with diabetes. The quiz below is ...

Diabetes Overview Type 2 Diabetes Quiz
Nowadays diabetes usually means type 2 diabetes, which covers up to 90% of all cases of the health disorder. The trick is the sooner this type of diabetes is recognized – the more effectively it can be treated. Amazingly, but even diet and lifestyle changes can be of great help when this disorder is detected early. That is why knowing the key ...

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Gastrointestinal Quizzes

Acid Reflux Quiz on Antacids and Acid Reducers
Heartburn, dyspepsia, GERD, peptic ulcers – these are all different health disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. However, all of them can be treated with the same groups of medications, such as antacids and acid reducers. The key is that both antacids and acid reducers work to fix the problem with gastric acid, the excessive amount of which is ...

Acid Reflux Quiz on Proton Pump Inhibitors
In many cases eliminating heartburn symptoms is an emergency, because they can significantly and obviously affect our ability to fulfill everyday activities. It is thus very useful for all the victims of gastro-esophageal reflux disease, or simply heartburn, as well as for people who surround them, to know at least the basics, if not the detailed ...

Acid Reflux Gastrointestinal Quiz – Level 3
This quiz is for real experts in the field of gastrointestinal diseases. If you are able to answer the questions of this quiz - think about doctor's career.

Acid Reflux Gastrointestinal Quiz – Level 2
People could avoid many problems, related to the digestive system, provided that they pay enough attention to what they eat, how they eat and how does our digestive system work. Knowing the common gastrointestinal diseases, their causes and available treatment options can also be of a great help. Check your knowledge on the issues with the help of ...

Acid Reflux Gastrointestinal quiz – Level 1 (Basics)
If we are what we eat, then the importance of gastrointestinal tract is hard to overestimate. Check your knowledge of common gastrointestinal diseases, answering this quiz.

Gastritis Gastritis Quiz
Gastrointestinal tract health is vitally important for the proper functioning of the whole human body. To maintain health in the stomach and intestines one, by no means, should know the basics of healthy nutrition. However, understanding of the warning signs of the body in not less important. This quiz is made for our readers to be able to check ...

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Hair Loss Quizzes

Propecia Information Propecia and Rogaine Quiz
Hair loss is a treatable condition at last. You may check your knowledge on the available treatment options Propecia and Rogaine with the help of this quiz.

Hair Loss Overview Hair Loss Basics Quiz
This quiz gives you a chance to check your knowledge of hair and hair loss basics, as well as to find out whether you are an attentive reader. Have fun!

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Herpes Quizzes

Cold Sores Articles Herpes Quiz: General Facts
This quiz covers the general facts about herpes - a disease, familiar to millions of people. Test your knowledge of this issue to discover whether you know much enough to be able to fight this world-spread evil.

Genital Herpes Articles Herpes Treatment Quiz
Don’t lose your chance to check your knowledge of available herpes treatment options. You will find all the possible questions on medications, their action, and side effects in this quiz. Go ahead; it is easier than you think!

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Impotence Quizzes

Impotence Overview Understanding Impotence Quiz
No matter how we call it: impotence or erectile dysfunction. The fact is: it spoils the normal living of millions of men worldwide. Information always gives the key to any problem solution. So, answer the quiz below to check your knowledge on the impotence theme.

Viagra World Viagra Knowledge Quiz
This quiz will help you check your knowledge of men's sexual health and of Viagra - the first oral pill to improve erections in men.

Viagra World Viagra Funny Quiz
Test your Viagra proficiency by taking this easy Viagra Funny Quiz and find out how smart you are at basic facts about Viagra!

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Pain Relief Quizzes

Arthritis Relief Arthritis and Chronic Pain Quiz
Chronic pain, including arthritis pain affects more than 70 million people in the USA alone. The world scale of this debilitating condition is even more impressive and frightful. This quiz covers the most basic facts about chronic pain and its management as well as arthritis pain. Answer the questions below to find out your level of background in ...

Arthritis Relief Quiz on Celebrex, Ultram, and Tylenol
Celebrex, Ultram, and Tylenol represent the current state of medical science in the field of pain relieving. In fact, these medications can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses, including mild to severe pain management, arthritis, muscle or menstrual pain, and even allergies and cold and flue symptoms. Our quiz is designed to help you not ...

Chest Pain Relief Angina Treatments Quiz
Chest pain may be a sign of many different disorders. However, very often it is associated with angina – a very serious and potentially life-threatening condition. That is why it is important to know what treatments are available to relieve chest pain and manage the angina attack. This quiz will help you check your knowledge of angina treatments ...

Chest Pain Relief Chest Pain Quiz
It is said that people may experience chest pain, caused by a variety factors, including unrequited love, defeat of favorite football team, or certain health disorders. In order to understand the true cause of chest pain and predict the potential consequences of it – we have to know the basics of this symptom. Pillwatch.com is the place, where you ...

Migraine Relief Migraine Quiz
Throbbing and pulsating pain, appearing periodically in one’s head, may become a real disaster for a person. The type of headache, known as migraines, is one of the most severe types of pain. That is why knowing the basic facts about migraines and available treatment options may become crucially important for a sufferer. If you or your friends or ...

Pain Relief Options Relieving Pain Quiz
This quiz is a good opportunity to check your knowledge of history, methods, and side effects of pain relievers. Enjoy!

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Parkinson, Alzheimer Quiz

Alzheimer Medications Quiz on Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments
It is a common knowledge that Alzheimer’s disease has no cure for the time being; thus, it is important to know as much as possible about the available options that may help reduce the symptoms, improving the quality of life of the sufferers and offering a helping hand to caregivers in their efforts to look after Alzheimer’s victims. The quiz ...

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Skin Care Quizzes

Acne Retin-A Quiz
This quiz allows our visitors to test their knowledge of use, side effects, and expected results of Retin-A, which, for the time being, is one of the most popular and widely used anti-acne medications.

General Skin Care General Skin Care Quiz
This quiz covers the most general issues on skin care. You are invited to test your knowledge of skin structure, functions, aging process and skin care basics.

Acne Teenage Acne Quiz
The problem of teenage acne is so widely spread all around the world. It always has negative impact on the psychological state of teenagers. This quiz will help the adolescence check their knowledge of this issue and remember what is beneficial and what is harmful to do when suffering from acne.

Acne Advanced Acne Quiz
This quiz is created for all those, who consider themselves to be real acne experts. Try your knowledge and prove yourself you are right! (Besides, everything is not so scary as it may sound.)

Acne Acne Quiz for Beginners
This quiz is a good chance for everyone, in spite of age, education, and occupation, to check the knowledge of the most elementary facts about acne. Hopefully, you will enjoy simple and sometimes humorous questions. So, have a good time!

Fungal Infections General Quiz on Dandruff
Statistics confirms that the number of dandruff sufferers exceeds that of people who do not have the symptoms of this condition. What does this mean to us? Is such status quo dangerous? What consequences can it have? To answer these questions you have to possess the basic knowledge about dandruff – such a common health condition. If you are aware ...

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Sleep Aid Quizzes

Sleep Aids What Is Your Level of Sleep Knowledge?
Are you a beginner or an expert in multiple sleep issues, including sleep nature, sleep disorders and treatments? If you want to find it out, you are welcomed to try this quiz. If you manage to answer all the questions correctly, you should think about a career of a “how-to-sleep-well” guru.

Sleep Aids What Do You Know About Sleep?
In spite of the fact that scientists have already explored practically every cell of human organism, sleep is still one of the most mysterious internal processes. There are many myths about sleep. Use the quiz below to find out your knowledge of sleep facts and myths. Choose either “True or ‘False” for every statement.

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Stop Smoking Quizzes

Smoking Background Smoking Quiz for Real Experts
Answering this quiz requires rather deep knowledge of smoking addiction mechanisms and basic statistics on smoking. But afterall, who said that the way to nicotine-free life is easy? So, finding the correct answers may become the first victory on the way to better living.

Smoking Background Stop Smoking Knowledge Quiz
Test your knowledge of the basic stop smoking issues, answering the questions of this quiz.

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Weight Loss Quizzes

Dieting Articles Dieting Basics Quiz
It is a real challenge for a person to choose a proper option in the boundless sea of different dieting plans and programs. Before making the choice it is recommended to learn at least basics of the most popular diets. This quiz may be used as the test to check what you have learned about diets and dieting.

Obesity Articles Xenical Quiz
Below are some questions on Xenical and its mode of action, usage as well as on some other medications, used to help people lose weight. If you want to check your knowledge of this theme – go ahead...

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