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Asthma Quiz – General Issues
Asthma affects many millions of people nowadays. The bad news is that the cure for this health disorder is still not discovered. However, the good news is that asthma symptoms can be quite effectively treated with modern medications. In the meanwhile, knowing and understanding this disorder by patients is an important constituent of proper asthma treatment plan. So, once you know the disease, understand its signs and triggers – you can keep the disorder under control, and it won’t influence your usual life style. The articles at pillwatch.com aims at shedding some light on the basic asthma facts; and the quiz below is the tool, which may help you check your own knowledge of asthma.
The word “asthma” is considered to be of Greek origin. How do you think, what does this word mean?
1 Rapid breathing
2 Sharp breathing
3 Short breathing
4 Difficult breathing
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