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Alternative Contraception Get Master Degree in Ovulation
This test gives you necessary information about the process in female’s body, thanks to which we all, men and women, are leaving on this small planet. What do we know about it? This is the time to know not only where the child comes from, but whom Mr. Sperm Cell is so urged to.

Birth Control Articles Birth Control Quiz for Experts
Birth control is not only a method to escape marriage as well as condoms are not the only birth control methods. Below is a quiz, which may become a real challenge for you. But in case your answers are all correct, you are a real expert in this sphere of life.

Birth Control Articles Birth Control Quiz
Sex is certainly a pleasant activity. Still, it can lead to unwanted consequences, when it is uncontrolled and when a couple does not realize the responsibility. Possession of information on contraceptive methods and safe sex can prevent those negative consequences. Take your chance to check your knowledge of this issue. But do not take all the questions too serious:)

Emergency Contraception Quiz on Plan B and IUDs for Emergency Contraception.
Emergency contraception is what people need in order to avoid pregnancy after the unprotected sexual intercourse occurred. With the help of this quiz it will take a few minutes for you to check your knowledge of the key facts on Plan B as the most popular pill for emergency contraception. Moreover, the quiz will get you acquainted with the other alternatives to prevent pregnancy not before, but after the sexual act.

Emergency Contraception Emergency Contraception Quiz
Emergency contraception is a very important issue. Actually, it is one of those topics any person should have at least some knowledge about, especially taking into account that we live in the world full of surprises and unexpected evens This quiz was made in order our visitors to be able to check what they know about this type of pregnancy prevention.

Female Hormonal Contraception Oral Contraceptives Quiz
The family of Ortho pills are among the most widely known and commonly prescribed oral contraceptives nowadays. Produced by Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical Company, Ortho Cyclean, Ortho Novum and Ortho Tri Cyclen became the first option for many women worldwide as their primary birth control method. Weather you are familiar with the Ortho contraceptives or not, our quiz will help you check your knowledge and, perhaps, find out some new amazing facts about these popular daily pills.

Female Hormonal Contraception Birth Control Pills General Quiz
This quiz covers the general information about oral contraceptives. Questions concerning active components, use, and side effects of the birth control pills are included here. Take your chance to check your knowledge of these issues.

Female Non-Hormonal Contraception Quiz on IUDs, Cervical Caps and Diaphragms
Contraceptive methods, such as intrauterine devices, diaphragms and cervical caps, have a very long history. Even at the times of Hippocrates and Avicenna women used certain types of pessaries in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. During many years of development and improvement, those devices grew into what we now call “non-hormonal methods of contraception”. This quiz was designed not only to help people check their knowledge of facts, referring intrauterine devices, cervical caps and diaphragms, but also to offer our site visitors one more opportunity to find out something new about different available methods of birth control in order to make a personal decision on what contraceptive to use.

Female Non-Hormonal Contraception Spermicides Quiz
Though spermicides are commonly considered to be one of the “exotic” types of contraception, this method of pregnancy prevention is still in use by up to 1% of people, practicing birth control. Very often spermicides are used in combination with some other means of contraception in order to minimize the risk of pregnancy. With the help of this quiz you are encouraged to check your own knowledge of some basic facts about spermicides. Who knows, maybe, sometimes this knowledge will stand you in good stead…

Male Contraception Male Contraception Quiz
Definitely, contraception is mostly associated with multiple birth control methods, designed exclusively for women. However, male contraception also exists, and what’s even more amazing about it is that the range of male contraceptives is not limited with condoms only. If you would like to check your knowledge in male contraception – please, go ahead with the quiz below.

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