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Acne Retin-A Quiz
This quiz allows our visitors to test their knowledge of use, side effects, and expected results of Retin-A, which, for the time being, is one of the most popular and widely used anti-acne medications.

General Skin Care General Skin Care Quiz
This quiz covers the most general issues on skin care. You are invited to test your knowledge of skin structure, functions, aging process and skin care basics.

Acne Teenage Acne Quiz
The problem of teenage acne is so widely spread all around the world. It always has negative impact on the psychological state of teenagers. This quiz will help the adolescence check their knowledge of this issue and remember what is beneficial and what is harmful to do when suffering from acne.

Acne Advanced Acne Quiz
This quiz is created for all those, who consider themselves to be real acne experts. Try your knowledge and prove yourself you are right! (Besides, everything is not so scary as it may sound.)

Acne Acne Quiz for Beginners
This quiz is a good chance for everyone, in spite of age, education, and occupation, to check the knowledge of the most elementary facts about acne. Hopefully, you will enjoy simple and sometimes humorous questions. So, have a good time!

Fungal Infections General Quiz on Dandruff
Statistics confirms that the number of dandruff sufferers exceeds that of people who do not have the symptoms of this condition. What does this mean to us? Is such status quo dangerous? What consequences can it have? To answer these questions you have to possess the basic knowledge about dandruff – such a common health condition. If you are aware of what it is, go ahead and check whether what you know is true with the help of this quiz on dandruff facts. If you lack some knowledge, you may get up-to-date information on Pillwatch.com.

Fungal Infections Quiz on Fungal Skin Infections
There is a great variety of organisms living on the Planet Earth next to human beings: animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The latter, by the way, are usually friendly to humans, but sometimes some representatives of fungi class may cause certain problems for people. Fungal skin infections are usually not severe health disorders, but they may definitely bring much discomfort to one’s life. Besides, they are highly contagious. Below is the quiz, devoted to fungal skin infections, which covers all the basic issues on these particular health conditions. So, you are welcome to find the correct answers for the questions of the quiz...

Hair Removal Hair Removal Quiz for Experts
Hirsutism or the excessive growth of terminal hair on such body areas, as chin, upper lip, back or chest in women may not only bring serious esthetical concerns to a person, affected with this condition, but it may also signal about some other underlying diseases. Giving the correct answers for the questions of this quiz means you are a real expert in the unwanted hair issues, its reasons and modern methods of treating this condition.

Hair Removal Hair Removal Quiz for Beginners
Hair may become a serious problem, especially for women, when it starts growing on areas, where it should not. Answer the questions of this quiz and find out what your level of knowledge about unwanted hair and different removal methods is.

Psoriasis Psoriatic Arthritis Quiz
Psoriasis is often accompanied with another very annoying disease – arthritis. Occurring together they acquired a name psoriatic arthritis. This quiz contains questions on the basic information and treatment options against this disorder.

Psoriasis Quiz On Psoriasis Triggers And Treatment Options
No doubt, it is very important for a sufferer to know the basic information of a disease he or she is affected with; however, everyday life shows that it is even more important to know the things, which can aggravate the condition. By avoiding those triggers a sufferer can keep his disorder under control and thus make his life easier and better. This quiz offers a number of questions to check one's knowledge of the psoriasis triggers, as well as the basics of the treatment options to fight this disease.

Psoriasis Psoriasis Types
This quiz deals with a very complex and widely spread skin condition – psoriasis. Here you can test your knowledge of different types of this disease, as well as their most common features and symptoms.

Rosacea Rosacea Quiz for Experts
Do you think you have a little knowledge about such skin disease as rosacea? Maybe, you, actually, know more than you think. It is perfect timing to check out your knowledge with the help of this quiz. If you answer the questions correctly, you may positively confirm you are an expert in this issue. So, go ahead!

Rosacea Rosacea Quiz for Beginners
No doubt, any health disorder is a great distress for a person. However, everyone needs to give a break to his gloomy feelings and thoughts and switch onto another topic or think of the misfortune from the other point of view, trying to find some positive aspects of life. At last, everyone must do something just for a change. That is what this quiz was compiled for.

Skin Aging Renova Quiz
This quiz is made for our visitors to be able to test their knowledge of one of the medications, created to improve the state of the skin. Renova treats certain skin conditions, which people find annoying and embarrassing.

Skin Aging Skin Types and General Care Quiz
This quiz deals with such topics as skin types classification, general skin care tips, and hints on caring of different types of skin.

Skin Aging Skin Aging Quiz
The process of aging inevitably affects all the systems of the human body. This quiz gives our visitors a chance to test their knowledge of skin aging and find out whether they know what changes in the appearance occur when a person gets older and the reasons why this happens.

General Skin Care Skin Care Products Quiz
Nowadays the market of skin care products is like a boundless sea. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, sunscreens are the most essential products. Answer the questions of this quiz to find out whether you are a ship's boy or a real sea dog in the ocean of modern cosmetology.

Warts, Moles, Corns Quiz on Warts
Check your knowledge of such medical condition as warts with the help of our quiz to find out whether you know the basics of this disorder and what risks are associated with it. Prepare yourself to recollect the possible treatment options and ways to eliminate this skin disease.

Warts, Moles, Corns Quiz on Moles and Melanomas
Moles may seem to be easy to study and research – they are on the skin surface, visible and accessible. Still, scientists have not yet discovered all their secrets and many questions remain without answers. You may test yourself with the help of the quiz on moles below whether you know at least the things already unclosed and explained by the scholars.

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