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Bipolar Depression Test
Below is a questionnaire, which can be used as a self-test for defining whether you suffer from bipolar depression or not. Read all the statements below as if they were written about you. After reading each statement, please choose one answer, which explains in the most accurate way how the particular statement fits you (your character, behaviour and feelings). At the end of the test you will find out whether it is possible or not that you suffer from bipolar depression. However, do not treat your results as a final diagnosis - no self-test or online questionnaire can substitute for a professional examination by a psychiatrist.
There are pretty regular periods in my life, when I became much more active than usual. I feel the definite increase in my energy and strength, so I can do more work around the house and perform more job duties.
1 Absolutely true
2 Pretty often
3 Sometimes
4 Absolutely untrue
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