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There is a joke about dermatologists, saying that their patients never die and never get completely cured. Herpes is definitely the most vivid evidence of the fact that every good joke contains a significant part of the truth.

Herpes brings into our life more discomfort than serious danger to the overall health condition. It can periodically disturb and annoy us with the itching blisters on face, decreasing our beautyís rating or even make us avoid sexual relationships, when affecting the genitals.

But herpes, being caused by a virus, never leaves the body after it has penetrated in it and cannot be completely destroyed.

On the other hand, Devil is not as horrible as it is painted. Though herpes is very strong virus, affecting the millions of people worldwide, the majority of them do not even know that they are infected.

Maintaining the physical and psychological health, well-balanced food, avoiding nervous stresses and appropriate skin care are the key factors, ensuring not killing the virus, but keeping it asleep and unable to spoil our life.

Besides, modern pharmacology offers a line of well-reputed, safe and efficient medications to minimize the herpesí influence on the humansí life.

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