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We live in a wonderful, exciting, and controversial world. Here we have so many amazing things to observe and enjoy, mysterious secrets to study and discover, and problems and obstructions to overcome. In spite of the fact that the world we live in is not perfect and full of dangers, we are so lucky to have it.

However, our creator has endowed a human being with even more interesting world – it is the world, a person sinks in when falling asleep. The best thing about the universe of sleep is that it is different for every person. In fact, it is created by the mind, character, and ideology or, as philosophers say, Weltanschauung of an individual. Even our ancestors realized it many centuries ago. This point of view made the famous Greek Heraclites say that the real world is common for all of us, but everyone has his own, personal or private world of sleep.

What do we know about this hidden universe? How much does it differ from what a person can see when his eyes are open and mind is awake? What dangers can sleep conceal? Is it possible for this world of sleep to get ruined, and how will this affect our state and behavior in the real world? Finally, how can a person mend his dreamland, is it possible to fix a puzzle if all its fragments fall apart?

The answers may be controversial, not full or not satisfactory for everyone. However, they do exist; the explanations are made by the best scientists of our time.

…and all the answers, theories, and hypotheses are here – at Pillwatch.com

So, welcome to the world of sleep!

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